Billie Eilish and FINNEAS (whose real name is Finneas O’Connell) are super close with their parents! The siblings and musical collaborating duo are pretty open about their relationship with their mom and dad, and how they’ve supported one another in their respective careers.

Keep reading for an explainer on Billie’s family.

Who Is Billie Eilish’s Brother, Finneas?

While Billie is known for her beautiful vocals and chart-topping hits, Finneas is the genius behind most of his sister’s music! The two started making music together in their childhood bedroom in L.A. when they were teenagers, with Finneas producing songs like “Ocean Eyes” in 2015, which skyrocketed Billie to stardom.

When the “bad guy” singer accepted Variety‘s Hitmaker award in 2019, she thanked Finneas for giving her life during a heartwarming speech.

“A big thank you to my big brother Finneas. Finneas is my best friend, my big brother, he’s four years older than me and we’ve been best friends forever,” she started. “We started making music together when I was 13 and he was 17; he produces everything. He’s the only reason I’m anywhere in the whole world and he’s probably the only reason I’m alive.”

Finneas echoed a similar sentiment, saying “There’s a lot of bulls–t articles about me now, about how I’m not just Billie Eilish’s brother. Just being Billie Eilish’s brother is all I ever wanna be. I love Billie more than anything else and I’m so grateful to you and I love you.”

Who Are Billie Eilish’s Parents?

Billie and Finneas’ parents are also in the entertainment business! Their mom is actress, screenwriter and theater troupe teacher Maggie Baird and their father is actor Patrick O’Connell.

Maggie grew up in Colorado and studied theater and dance at the University of Utah, before moving to New York City, where she performed on Broadway. She’s acted in 2000s TV shows such as Bones, The X-Files and Six Feet Under. In 2009, Baird released her debut studio album, We Sail.

She married Patrick in 1995, whom you might recognize in movies like Iron Man, Cyborg 2, Dream Demon and The Endless Summer II.

Billie and Finneas aren’t the only collaborating duo in the family! In 2013, Maggie wrote and starred in the 2013 film Life Inside Out, along with her son and husband. On top of that, Maggie also edited the music video for “Six Feet Under” for her daughter Billie in 2016.

The Grammy-winning sibling duo spoke about touring with their parents during an October 2023 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While on tour, their dad gets to work behind the scenes. No, seriously! In the beginning, he was driving the tour van. Now, “he does set carpentry on tour,” Billie revealed, building anything from staircases to stages. “He won’t tell anyone on the crew his full name crew because he doesn’t want anybody on the tour to know that he’s related to me,” the songstress revealed. Their dad doesn’t want to hear the word “nepotism” uttered in his presence!

“He doesn’t want any special treatment at all,” she explainsed And does Mom get her hands dirty? Finneas reveals, “Not really. She stays with Billie.”

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