Do any members of BLACKPINK have black (p)ink? We broke down which of the singers have tattoos, what their meanings are and more.

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Which BLACKPINK Members Have Tattoo?

Of the four BLACKPINK members, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo reportedly sport ink.

Lisa has two tattoos that fans know of, including a fairy on her arm and a flower on her back. She debuted her flower tattoo in March 2023, which is actually a design of her fav flower, the edelweiss.

The Thai idol spoke about why the edelweiss is her favorite flower during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea in May 2023.

“When I was in Kindergarten, I traveled with my family to my father’s hometown in Switzerland. While going up the mountain, I remembered seeing a white and cute flower and that memory must have stayed with me,” she explained. “When people started to ask what was my favorite flower, I thought about it and I remembered the little flower. I looked it up and learned that the flower represented innocence and I liked it even more. It also feels like first love.”

Rosé has a small “h” on her arm, seemingly for her pet dog, Hank, while fans spotted a small heart design on the side of Jisoo’s back in December 2022.

As for Jennie, she is the only member of BLACKPINK that does not have a tattoo — however, she has donned multiple temporary tattoos for music videos and photoshoots. She had a temporary tattoo reading “Stay Strong” on her wrist while she was still a trainee at YG Entertainment.

While BLACKPINK were trainees at YG Entertainment, the company actually had a tattoo ban at the time. YG Entertainment also restricts their trainees from other things such as drinking, smoking, clubbing, dating, plastic surgery and even driving! The members of BLACKPINK confirmed the restrictions during an appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star” in 2017.

“I wasn’t allowed to get a driver’s license. However, exceptions can be made if you discuss it with the company,” Rosé told the MCs. “The restrictions are just there to tell you not to do any of those things secretly.”

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