BOYNEXTDOOR is the newest K-pop boy group in town! The 6-member band debuted in May 2023, and are produced by famous K-pop artist, ZICO! Keep reading to learn more about the boy band, meet the members and more. 


BOYNEXTDOOR members include leader Jaehyun, Sungho, Riwoo, Taesan, Leehan and Woonhak. BOYNEXTDOOR debuted under KOZ Entertainment, a record label founded by ZICO in 2018, and has now become a subsidiary under HYBE Labels (BTS‘ music company).

After a few cryptic teasers throughout the early months of 2023, BOYNEXTDOOR officially debuted that May with three title songs! The three tracks are a part of their single album WHO!, which includes “Serenade,” “But I Like You” and “One and Only,” and also include feature creative contributions from more than one member.

“We started creating the single album WHO! around last summer,” Sungho told NME in May 2023. “All the members constantly spoke with our producers Zico, Kako and Pop Time and studied in depth our unique qualities and our synergy together as a group. From the biggest to smallest things, they listened to what we wanted to do as BOYNEXTDOOR, and thanks to the process, I think our single album WHO! represents us well both sonically and lyrically.”

Who Is ZICO?

ZICO is one of the most popular K-pop male soloists in South Korea, originally getting his start in boy group BLOCKB.

“Zico and Pop Time, our producers, always respect what we want to portray through music and how we feel about certain things, and we are able to express ourselves in the form we feel is right for us,” Riwoo explained during their NME interview. The group made their first comeback in September 2023 with their first EP WHY.

YouTube/HYBE Labels

Who Are the Members of BOYNEXTDOOR?

Jungho is the leader of BOYNEXTDOOR, meaning he helps control the band’s image, supports his bandmates and is pretty much the spokesperson for their group. Prior to debuting under KOZ, he was a trainee at YG Entertainment, the company responsible for BLACKPINK, 2NE1 and BIGBANG. Next up is Sungho, who is the oldest member of the group, and acts as one of BOYNEXTDOOR’s main vocalists.

The second oldest member is Riwoo, who is a main dancer. Another ~boy next door~ is Taesan, who is very involved in writing the group’s music. Finally, there are the two youngest members Leehan and maknae Woonhak, which complete the sextet.

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