During a recent interview, Brandon Flynn got real about his life after four seasons of 13 Reasons Why. The 26-year-old explained how his life changed since booking the show right out of college and the revelation that he “still has a career.”

“When I started 13 [Reasons Why] I had no idea what this job looked like,” the actor told WWD. “It’s such an interesting thing when you start working and the work involves your passion or your craft. Something that I’ve spent so much time garnering and flexing but never being paid for, or never turning into a career. Now that the show has ended, I have a little more time to think about like, ‘Oh s**t, Brandon still has a career that needs to be tracked and looked at and examined, how do we keep going?’”

Although he stayed pretty quiet about upcoming projects, the actor did say he has taken time to figure out what’s next.

“I’ve been pretty solid about this year being a year to regroup and rethink,” he explained. “I’m so lucky to be in this position. To think four years ago, I thought I would continue to wait tables and maybe do some off-Broadway work. I’m in a home in LA. I have the dogs, and I have the ability to just sit and read scripts that come and read books that I want to and just take the year to think.”

Brandon added, “I’m not Justin anymore. I’m not involved in the industry right now in terms of prepping for a role. I’m just Brandon.”

When it came to reflecting on the fan-favorite Netflix series, Brandon’s not the only one who has been looking back. Katherine Langford recently explained why her role as Hannah Baker was “the hardest first role.”

“At the time it was the first thing that I’d ever done, so I took it all at surface value I think. That experience was my only experience on a film set. It’s a role that I’m very grateful to have played, and a story that I’m grateful to have told,” the 24-year told told NME.  “But yeah, when I look back now, I think that was probably the hardest first role to have for a number of reasons. But for an overwhelming number of other reasons it was also the best.”

She concluded, “I was lucky to be surrounded by great people and wonderful creatives on that job. It’s a role that I’ll always have in my heart.”

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