V is a multi-talented king. The BTS member is set to release a brand new single later this month titled FRI(END)S, amid his enlistment in the South Korean military — the power of ARMY, indeed. Keep reading for everything we know about his upcoming single.

When Does V’s New Single Come Out?

FRI(END)S will be released on March 15, 2024.

The song will be “rooted in the Pop Soul R&B genre,” according to a press release via Forbes, and will deliver “relatable and witty romance through lyrics written entirely in English.”

ICYMI, V and the rest of the members of BTS are currently enlisted in the South Korean military, with plans to return as a group sometime in 2025. In South Korea, it’s mandatory for all able-bodied men to serve for around two years due to the ongoing threat in North Korea.

The Korean singer officially enlisted into the military on December 11, 2023, per AP. Following his enlistment, it was announced that he applied to the 35th Special Mission Battalion, a counterterrorism unit of the Capital Defense Command that is in charge of defending Seoul.

V’s upcoming single will mark his first musical drop since releasing his debut album Layover in September 2023, which was heavily inspired by his love of jazz music.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, V explained that he “always had the desire” to try making jazz music, as it’s the music he grew up listening to.

“The title Layover came about while I was contemplating what my final destination is in my life and career and the way to get there,” he explained to the outlet. “The intent behind naming my first solo album, Layover, is to represent a starting point ,like I’m just beginning to paint the picture that is Kim Taehyung.”

The Korean artist realized that instead of rushing to “the final destination” of creating this album, or even, of life, that he wanted to take his time and enjoy the process.

“Why not give yourself the time to rest, look back at myself, and create new goals? Thinking about all of that, I decided on the name Layover. I really hope that listeners of this album will also take it as an opportunity to reflect on their lives, think about their goals, and take some moments of rest wherever they need.”

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