V might as well stand for Visual! The BTS member, also known as Kim Taehyung, has grown up in the spotlight since debuting with the group in 2013 with “No More Dream,” and he looked good doing it! From winning awards, breaking records and now building his own solo career, keep reading to see how much V has grown!

In June 2022, BTS announced that they had decided to take time off from the band to pursue solo projects and learn “to be one” again. “I hope you don’t see this as a negative thing, and see it as a healthy plan,” BTS member J-Hope said. “I think BTS will become stronger that way.”

The members revealed in the livestream that plans for solo releases from J-Hope and Suga are already in the works, who have both released solo mixtapes previously. Jung Kook also shared that he will be releasing a solo album, and other members have also been hard at work in their respective solo projects.

As for V, the BTS singer spoke about his plans to release his own solo project in a Rolling Stone interview from May 2021. “We’ve worked and made music as a group, and as a group only,” V explained. “So working on my own tape means that I have to do everything related to all the songs on the album. I have to take part in writing the lyrics and the melodies for all the songs and the production process.”

He explained that his upcoming solo does come with “pressure to bear all of the load” that is usually distributed among the other members, and it will be “tough.”

“But what is good about it is it gives me an opportunity to show who I am, and show the music that really has the color of Kim Taehyung, the color of V, to our ARMY,” he added. “So that’s [a] great opportunity of course, and that’s what makes creating this mixtape so much fun and fulfilling.”

From debut to now, V has gone through quite the transformation in terms of his career, and of course, appearance! Scroll through the photo gallery below to see photos of V over the years.

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