If you're currently strategizing to make Cameron Dallas your boyfriend (like, for real), then you need all the facts before embarking on this mission. We know, we know, if you're a Cam Fangirl than your entire life (and feed) is filled with Cam: you crack up at every prank, you wept while watching him get his head shaved, you kept fierce tabs on those dating rumors with Hailey Baldwin all freaking summer. You're a stan, first class. But god forbid you're confronted with the MAGCON hottie IRL and you have to make conversation. WHAT DO YOU EVEN TALK ABOUT?!

Well, we got you covered, bb. We're professional internet stalkers here at J-14, and we're not above scrolling through #OldCamTweets for days and rewatching Ask Cams to get some dirt for you. If you're looking to seduce the hottie with his favorite candy, strike up a conversation about some of his favorite shows, or make him a Spotify playlist of his favorite music, then we have all the deets you'll need. And we even drew up visuals so you can save it to your phone and NEVER, EVER forget if you accidentally-on-purpose run into him.

Cameron Dallas' Favorite Food

cameron dallas favorite food

Ok, so Cameron divulged to Tiger Beat that he's a big fan of Subway, and he is very particular with his order. One line of lite mayonnaise and one line of yellow mustard? Yeah, that is v, v, specific, so make sure to write this all down. He's pro-chicken enchiladas and in one of his Ask Cam seshes he chose peanut M&Ms over Hershey bars and Kit-Kats. He's an avid pizza enthusiast like any sensible human being, though he's thrown shade at our favorite spread Nutella (he considers it bootleg chocolate). And though his favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough, Cam has also been spotted enjoying mint chocolate chip.

Overall, he is a man of good taste, and he should take us out for Mexican food on the immediate.

Cameron Dallas' Favorite TV Shows

cameron dallas favorite tv shows

Tbh we think that Cam is definitely a child at heart. He has a gazillion favorite cartoons, including Ed, Edd and Eddy, Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Dexter's Laboratory, Yu-Gi-Oh.
And if you're looking to bond over shows you both liked as a kid, Cam rattled off everything he loved growing up with, which includes Goosebumps, Power Rangers, Arthur, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The Fairly OddParents and (of course) SpongeBob Squarepants.

At one point his favorite '90s show may be (weirdly enough) That 70s Show. But in these modern times, Cam is absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones, and has announced his binges of the HBO series on the regular, and he even got mom Gina Dallas in on it. Save us a seat on the couch!

Cameron Dallas' Favorite Music

cameron dallas favorite music

We know Cameron dabbles in music himself, guesting on tracks and even releasing "She Bad." He worships certain musicians like the rest of us, and has a penchant for rap and R&B. He's also, as we already know, legit the biggest Drake fanboy of all time. So much of Cam's early career is just lip-syncing Drake songs on camera. He's also a big Kanye fan: he's posted Kanye lyrics on Twitter, repped the rapper's clothing line at Coachella, and said seeing Yeezy was one of his craziest experiences of 2016. We also know that he's big on The Weeknd, although we're pretty sure he prefers Beauty Behind the Madness to Starboy.

Of course, there's only one song in the life of times of Cam that really matters, and you can thank Shawn Mendes for that:

Never forget.

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