Cameron Dallas just did the unthinkable, you guys. The social media influencer and model just shaved off his entire head of hair – well, his mom Gina and his sister Sierra did it, that is. In true web star fashion, Cameron took to YouTube to document the whole process for his fans to see. And let us tell you, it was quite riveting to witness.

Not only did the Dallas family have an absolute ball shaving Cameron’s head, literally turning his shaved-off stands into fake bushy brows – but they also got really sentimental at a certain point. Cameron’s mom even planted a kiss on her son’s mouth, after realizing that he hasn’t had his hair this short since he was just a little kid. We must say, Cameron’s hair has always been truly luscious, but this buzzed look truly accentuates his flawless face like never before. Lookin’ good. Watch the video below to see Cameron’s buzzed head.

Sierra joked that this new ‘do may be for a new movie role, but we’re pretty sure Cameron was just feeling a change. He even explain in the video he posted that now that he’s 23, he is ready to start fresh and really focus on himself. You go, Cam!

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