On Tuesday, January 21, Cara Delevinge had fans super confused when she admitted that she stripped naked and ran around the woods as a way to make her feel less stressed.

The 27-year-old model recently teamed up with survival expert Bear Grylls and headed into the forest to film an episode of his fan-favorite reality show Running Wild. While they were among the trees, Cara got super real and told Bear that after she headed into the forest, “[I] took off all my clothes and just sat there.”

“I was so comfortable. I cried and cried, you feel so unjudged,” she explained before calling the wild “the most important thing in the entire world for my sanity.”

What else did Cara do while she was in the woods? Well, Bear made the Suicide Squad star gut and eat a rat — ew!

“To be honest it didn’t taste that bad. It was very chewy,” she said. “It was just the whole thing of gutting it first with my fingers and then eating it not that soon after. That was a weird experience.”

Previously, Cara dished on her interaction with Bear during a September 2019 interview on The Tonight Show

“He came to my school actually when I was nine years old…but I’ve been obsessed with him ever since and when he asked me to do his show I just knew whatever Bear asked me to do I had to do it,” she told host Jimmy Fallon“I ate a rat… I told you I’d do anything.”

The crowd groaned in disgust as she finished the story.

“I saw this tail sticking up and I was like ‘What’s that? Is that a rat?’ And he was like ‘Perfect, that’s our dinner.’ It had been dead…it didn’t smell that bad, but it wasn’t fresh, obviously,” she told the audience at the time.

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