What if we told you Cara Delevingne and the boys of PRETTYMUCH danced around together, showing off their underwear? It might sound like a farfetched idea (and a very unexpected pairing of humans), but it is true. Yep, the video of your dreams (that you never knew you needed in your life until now, might we add) is here. And it’s awesome.

In the new PUMA FW18 Bodywear collection video, Cara and PRETTYMUCH paired up for the campaign. The collection of undergarments and loungewear consists of boxers, bras, underwear – you name it. And Cara – along with Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu – get to show it all off during the hangout session of the century.

From having an epic dance circle to playing video games to eating snacks, Cara and PRETTYMUCH have a party in their underwear, essentially. Edwin, Brandon, Austin, Nicholas, and Caleb rock super cool outfits, all showing off the waistbands of their PUMA boxers. Cara looked super stylish in her variety of bras and bikinis. Check it out!

All we can say is they are serious squad goals. Oh, and did we mention the fact that this all occurs while PRETTYMUCH’s song “10,000 Hours” plays? What a bop. This new PUMA Bodywear collection is currently available online and at select PUMA retailers in Europe.

The video comes shortly after the boys announcing their Funktion Tour. The North American tour starts on October 18 in Seattle and ends on November 18 in Boston. They’ll then join Khalid in May od 2019 to open for him on his Roxy Tour. Exciting times ahead!

Now brb – replaying this one million times.

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