She’s your favorite artist’s favorite artist! Chappell Roan has become a “Femininomenon” in the pop world, and your fav celebrities are just as obsessed with her as you are. From Ariana Grande to Olivia Rodrigo, keep reading for a list of all the artists who have praised the singer.

Born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz on February 19, 1998, in Willard, Missouri, Chappell’s musical journey is deeply rooted in her personal history. Adopting her stage moniker as a tribute to her late grandfather, Dennis K. Chappell, who succumbed to brain cancer in 2016, her music carries an emotional resonance that resonates deeply with audiences.

“I think Chappell’s a drag-queen version of me because it’s very larger-than-life,” she said of her stage name during a 2023 interview with Vanity Fair. “Kind of tacky, not afraid to say really lewd things. The songs are kind of the fairytale version of what happened in real life. A lot of the songs are just enhanced versions of what happened or maybe they never happened at all.”

Chappell’s affinity for music blossomed at a young age, and she began showcasing her vocal prowess through covers when she was 14 years old, garnering attention from discerning ears and industry insiders alike. This early recognition paved the way for a record deal with Atlantic Records.

The “Good Luck, Babe!” singer relocated to Los Angeles in 2018, and would soon find her frequent collaborator/producer in Dan Nigro, who is renowned for his work with Olivia Rodrigo.

Despite her 2020 hit “Pink Pony Club,” Atlantic actually dropped Chappell from their label. Over the next two years, she worked odd jobs to support herself. But in 2022, she made a comeback with songs like “Naked In Manhattan” and “Casual,” launching her own tour. Signing with Island Records under Dan Nigro’s imprint Amusement Records and KRA International, she finally released her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, in September 2023.

Since then, she’s become pop music’s biggest thing — selling out shows, culminating huge audience turnouts at popular festivals such as Coachella, Boston Calling and Gov Ball. Not only that, some of the most popular names in music have started to praise the larger-than-life songstress.

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