Family life! So many celebs have secret siblings, and some of them are pretty good looking.

Zac Efron, for one, has actually praised his younger brother, Dylan, for being the better-looking sibling. “Happy belated sibling day to my legit brother — who I love despite taking the good genes — we make a pretty damn good team,” the High School Musical alum shared via Instagram in May 2016.

Dylan even joined his brother for a Columbia Sportswear commercial in 2017, where he was praised for his outdoor experience.

“I race endurance sports. I qualified for the Boston marathon and finished two Iron Man [triathlons],” Dylan gushed in the commercial. Of course, he got the stamp of approval while Zac joked about having more skills than being shirtless.

When they’re not creating content together, the duo were actually roommates for a bit. Zac revealed that Dylan was indeed still living with him during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in May 2019. The Baywatch star added that his little brother was also doing a “really, really” good job working on his production company as well.

Dylan spoke candidly about growing up with Zac during an interview with Bro Bible in January 2021.

“It was interesting because I was always really big for my age, and Zac was pretty small for his age. We were always fighting with each other. Since I can remember we were going at it — wrestling and punching each other, it was always combative. And then Zac hit puberty, so he got a little bit of a jumpstart on me. There was a year or two in there where all of a sudden he was five inches taller than me and could kick my ass,” he recalled at the time. “But I would say that we grew up super combative, just because we’re so different and he was so much older. We were just into different things. And then once I graduated college, Zac really took me under his wing and let me live with him when I got my first job in Los Angeles. He really became that older brother, and that’s when I would say we grew closer than ever. Our relationship was something that developed more as we both became adults and stopped fighting so much.”

These two aren’t the only example of a great Hollywood sibling pair. Scroll through our gallery to uncover which celebs have hot brothers. 

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