You may not believe this, but sometimes celebrities actually get mistaken for other stars, which as you could imagine, may get a little awkward. We decided to do some investigating and it turns out, there a ton of crazy celebrity resemblances out there.

Just take Phoebe Tonkin and Camila Mendes, for example! In the Riverdale star’s fan survey video with Teen Vogue, fans actually voted The Vampire Diaries actress as her celeb doppelgänger. See?

Phoebe Tonkin, Camila Mendes
Getty Images

Before the results were even revealed, Cami said, “Oh, you know who I get a lot? Phoebe Tonkin!”

Welp, turns out she was right because 51 people voted that they’re basically twins. And even though we don’t think they’re identical, there’s definitely a resemblance. Plus, the 24-year-old was honored to be compared to such a beauty.

“She’s gorgeous,” Camila said. “Thank you.”

And these two aren’t the only stars who look surprisingly alike. From James Charles and Halsey to Troian Bellisario and Rowan Blanchard, you’re never going to be able to look at these stars the same way after seeing their twinning pics. You’re seriously going to think you’re totally seeing double with these look-alikes.

Scroll through our gallery to see the craziest celebrity doppelgänger pairs.

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