Today is August 3, 2018 – which is a very special day for those walking around with a lookalike. Yep, that’s right. It’s National Twin Day!

Have you ever been walking down the street and spotted a celeb – only to later discover that it totally wasn’t anyone famous? We have all had those moments, but think about it the other way around. Some celebs actually get mistaken for other stars, and it could probably get awkward when people approach them using the wrong name. Well – here at J-14, we have discovered some crazy celebrity doppelgangers in our day, and a lot of them are super unexpected.

Think Dylan Minnette, for example. The 13 Reasons Why and cutie is always getting compared to Logan Lerman, who you may recognize from his leading role in the Percy Jackson movies. And these two aren’t the only actors who people seem to mix up every now and then. From Maia Mitchell and Selena Gomez to Troian Bellisario and Rowan Blanchard, you’ll never look at these stars the same way after seeing their celeb twins. You’re going to think you’re totally seeing double with these look-alikes.

Click through the gallery to see all the craziest celeb doppelganger pairs.

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