This may be hard to believe, but there are a ton of celebrities out there who share a shocking resemblance to one another. And sometimes, they have so many similarities that fans can hardly tell them apart!

Take Robert Pattinson and Mac Miller, for example. A new video of the Twilight star on the red carpet has gone viral after a fan pointed out how much he looked like the late rapper in it, and now, we cannot unsee it.

robert pattinson mac miller


Wow, how freaky is that? Fans are seriously doing a double take! These two aren’t the only stars who look shockingly alike. It turns out, there are a bunch of other celebrities who could also pass as twins. From James Charles and Halsey to Dove Cameron and Amanda Seyfried to Cole Sprouse and Daisy Ridley, fans are seriously going to think they’re seeing double with these celebrity doppelgängers.

Scroll through our gallery and prepare to be shook over how much these stars look like one another!

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