Disney Channel Original Movies are often what dreams are made of. Memorable characters, fun storylines, quotes you can recite off the top of your head and sometimes there’s even some singing and dancing. Top it off with some of your fave stars in the movie, then it’s meant to be a hit, right? There are plenty of DCOMs that are beloved to so many people and there have been more than 100 made so far. (Fun fact: Adventures In Babysitting with Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson was number 100.) And with that many movies having been made since the ’90s, you might’ve forgotten that certain actors ever even starred in one, long before they became well known for the roles you best know them as. Watch the video to see exactly who we mean:

Umm okay, hey there little Kristen Stewart? She surely wasn’t Bella Swan quite yet. It’s crazy to see how far some stars have come since their early days in a DCOM and others are just straight up surprises. Everyone truly loves DCOMs indeed.

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