Uh-oh. Charli XCX has come under fire after she seemingly shaded Taylor Swift in a recent interview.

For those of you who don’t know, the “Boom Clap” songstress opened up for the blonde beauty last year on her Reputation Stadium Tour. And when she graced the cover of Pitchfork Magazine, the 27-year-old did not have the nicest things to say about the experience.

“I’m really grateful that [Taylor] asked me on that tour,” she told the outlet. “But as an artist, it kind of felt like I was getting up on stage and waving to 5-year-olds.”

She also added that never wants to open up for another singer again.

“I’ve done so much of it, and it really cemented my status as this underdog character, which I like now. But I need to just own my own f–king s–t finally,” she continued.

Naturally, some Swifties were not too pleased with Charli’s comments, and they quickly took to Twitter to share their frustration.

“Charli could’ve just said that it wasn’t her type of crowd or vibe, instead she had to make us all sound like children and contribute to the narrative that Taylor swift only has 12 year old fans… I’m disappointed,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Taylor was generous enough to invite Charli on the highest-grossing U.S. tour and she says this…”

But Charli explained that her words were totally taken out of context.

“A few people on the internet have taken something I said out of context and I want to clarify there is absolutely no shade and only love here,” she wrote in a long note on Twitter. “As I say in the article and have said many times before, I am extremely grateful to Taylor for inviting me to open for her. She’s one of the biggest artists of my generation, and the Reputation Stadium Tour was one of the biggest tours in history.”

“Leading up to that tour I’d been playing a ton of 18+ club shows and so to be on stage in front of all ages was new to me and made me approach my performances with a whole new kind of energy,” she explained. “It was brilliant opening for Taylor, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given and how much fun it was to perform to a new audience!”

Charli XCX Taylor Swift
Diane Bondareff/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“Any tour I’ve been on with any other artist as an opening act has always taught me so much. It’s always wonderful to watch other artists do their thing, own their stage and speak their language to their dedicated fan bases — and this was especially true for the Reputation Stadium Tour,” the singer concluded. “Hope this gives clarity to what was a great interview! Lots of love.”

It seems like it was one big misunderstanding!

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