He’s killing it! Chase Stokes got his claim to fame from playing John B on Netflix’s Outer Banks, which premiered in April 2020, and he’s been showing off his abs ever since. The actor likes to keep things toned since he’s often filming at the beach.

“I feel like I’m partially dying — but in like a really good way, I would say,” the actor joked to Men’s Health in July 2021 after showing off his intense arms and abs workout. However, when preparing for the role, the Florida native made the decision to create the character as someone who wasn’t unrealistically strong.

“He’s just a kid, and his day job is cleaning a yacht,” Chase explained to Men’s Health. “It’s manual labor. I didn’t want to give unrealistic expectations to young kids.”

At first, though, that wasn’t Chase’s approach.

“Your ego says, ‘Get a six pack, get as lean as possible, and look like a Greek god.’ But I realized that this is a kid who grows up in a house that probably doesn’t have the best food around, he’s dealing with the stress of the world, and I didn’t want to create a false image of what that would look like. I stayed pretty religious with cardio, and I tried to embody what his life would look like,” he said of John B. “The show has a big audience of younger people who are trying to figure out how to feel comfortable within themselves. I hate when the world gives unrealistic expectations of what our body should look like — I dealt with the toxic masculinity in athletics my whole life. I understand the feeling of body dysmorphia, where you feel like you’re never in the shape that you want to be, or you never look as good as you could. So I kept that in the back of my mind as we were working.”

In the end, his mindset paid off. Chase was able to embody John B and keep his fitness regime all year round. Scroll through our gallery to see Chase’s hottest shirtless moments since Outer Banks premiered. 

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