Can’t look away! Chase Stokes became a breakout star after appearing on Netflix’s Outer Banks, and he has only continued to branch out since.

Although Chase is still learning about fashion, he recently opened up about his typical approach to picking out clothing options for himself.

“My go-to [look] is going to be some easy sneaker or a pair of flip flops, American Eagle jeans, and, more than likely, a beat-up vintage shirt. And a beanie because I always try to keep my hair out of my face! But, beyond that, I really do dig a lot of the new fashion trends that are coming,” he told Fashion Week Daily in August 2021. “I’ve been wearing sort of wide-legged pants quite a bit with some of the more, I guess, press stuff that I do. I love a good jacket over a simple tank. I think it always looks great!”

The Maryland native credits his stylist, Avo Yermagyan, for shaping his look for events.

“He is so good about introducing me to new and exciting things and we just had a lot of fun in his studio, mixing and matching pieces,” he noted at the time.

Although Chase is still finding his own specific style, the look for John B. in Outer Banks has managed to shape itself pretty firmly.

“I’ve always been very interested in fashion, and I love when people are able to embrace themselves and try to do something a little different. And with John B being such a traditional teenage boy, it’s been fun to work with my stylist Avo and try different things,” the Stranger Things alum shared with WWD in August 2021. “I want to continue to dive in that space and find ways to continue to creatively express myself.”


That same month, Chase detailed how little effort actually goes into making John B. look the part while going on epic scavenger hunts with his friends.

Emmie Holmes is our costume designer on the show. She’s incredible with not just making it look nasty, but also keeping it consistent. In a show where you’re constantly so physical and you sweat like a madman all the time, we can’t wear the same outfits all the time,” he explained to Decider. “So they’re constantly having to have additionals for everything that we wear. They do such an incredible job of making it seem like we never change. But in reality, every day it’s a brand new shirt with new stuff. So it’s like you wake up, you drink your morning coffee, you put on a nasty looking shirt, and you get sprayed down with water all over the place to make it seem like the shirt is sweaty.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Chase’s red carpet evolution over the years:

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