Best friends both on and offscreen! The Outer Banks cast has become BFF goals ever since their show premiered on Netflix in April 2020.

The fan-favorite series stars an epic fivesome comprised of Chase StokesMadelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey and Jonathan Daviss. They met each other while filming the show’s first season in Charleston, South Carolina, in Summer 2019, and stayed close when they wrapped the show. Not knowing what was going to happen when the series premiered amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Netflix stars quarantined together and hoped for the best. While the world was on lockdown, they often showcased what Madelyn dubbed as “tomfoolery” on Instagram.

In July 2021, the five main stars teamed up with Glamour to take a friendship test where they complemented each other and reflected on their shared memories.

“We are friends and we are this close. Nothing I’ve said on here has been a lie or fabricated,” Jonathan said during the 12-minute video. “I wish I could say more, honestly. I’m just glad to know that we were all in the same place with each other. It’s nice to hear. … I was just a nostalgic trip from that first season to now of just growing with you as people.”

In the whirlwind year that followed these young stars and their rise to fame, they’ve had nothing but amazing things to say about each other in various interviews.

“It was very tight-knit, so the filming of the first season felt very intimate in the best way possible. We really vibe with our crew and our cast, obviously. We immediately had chemistry, and we immediately started hanging out, which is amazing,” Madelyn told Grazia magazine in May 2021. “We all, kind of, started in the same place when we got the show, and we just stuck together. We’re all going through the same thing and it just helps to have people around you who understand and who are there for you. We keep each other grounded and we hype each other up. We’re all each other’s best hype man.”

From posing with each other on red carpets to meeting fans and even reuniting to film a second season — which premiered on the streaming service in July 2021 — the actors have proved to their show’s fans that they really are the Pogues in real life.

Scroll through our gallery to look back at the cast of Outer Banks‘ best friendship moments. 

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