Starbucks just gifted us with the green whipped cream (you heard that right) Christmas Tree Frappucino and we have to admit that we were fearful of what could lie in that package. Could it be the star on top of a year of questionable novelty drinks? Or a is it a lump of coal lurking in the menu of our favorite cafe?

Of course we had to have a taste. ‘Tis the season, after all.

On sight, we appreciate the effort when it comes to tying together a Christmas palette—the green whipped cream, golden drizzle, and flecks of red make it look festive AF. We weren’t, however, really sure about the ingredient combo. So you start with your traditional peppermint mocha (already divisive if you’re not a die-hard mint fan) and top it off with matcha whipped cream. That in itself sounds like a precarious combo in a world of why. Then the “tree” is trimmed with caramel drizzle (what), cranberry ornaments (WHAT), and a strawberry topping (we didn’t get one, waaaah). We don’t know how to feel about that unholy-sounding mixture.

Our other impression? Um, it is really weird that Starbucks would go the Frappucino route when it’s legit freezing out. Like, we’re a week into December, we can’t walk half a block without crying icicles. So you know, not really looking to be refreshed with a chill Christmas beverage.

Despite our apprehensions, we decided to give the Christmas Tree Frappucino a try for the sake of the holiday spirit (also journalism). And as it would turn out, there are far worse things you could find under your tree this year. You can grab a Christmas Frapp at your local Starbucks too. But be quick, because unlike the endless holiday season, it’s stay will be brief: the Christmas Tree Frappucino will only be available from December 7 to 11.

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