Celebrities, they’re just like… well, unless you’re getting a Mercedes for your 16th birthday, they’re not exactly like us, but at least celebrities share our Starbucks addiction. That’s right, everyone from Bella Thorne to Selena Gomez is a hardcore Starbucks devotee, and proud of it.

Tragically we can’t just drive up to our local cafe and grab a Frappucino with Harry Styles (at least outside of our dreams), but we can try to learn and adopt some of the stars go-to orders.

The truth is that from New York to LA and everywhere in between there’s no shortage of Starbucks cafes across the country. Even if your hometown is all tumbleweeds, there’s no less than three on the same block. Nobody can deny the universal appeal for the brand as a whole. And at the same time, there’s something deeply personal when it comes to crafting a signature beverage, or claiming the iced caramel macchiato as yours alone. You do it, I do it, and they do it, too.

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From the crazy twists on a classic caffeinated beverage to the sizes that fuel their busy schedule to the weird vendetta against dairy products (no whip cream? Seriously?) we took a look at how some stars like their ‘bucks. Mainly so you can try to determine if your tastes organically align, or so you can steal their order for your own. Once you’ve got a celeb’s drink memorized, you can practically walk into the cafe and tell them your name is Kylie Jenner (they may misspell it as “Kiley Janner, not that we’ve tried this or anything).

Check out the pics to see a few drinks that the stars have been known to swear by in the past.

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