Cole Sprouse is legit out here feeding us all fake AF Riverdale spoilers and tbh, we ain't even mad at him for it. So here's what went down: the actor stopped by The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon being the Riverdale superfan he is just had to ask Cole if he could spill any sort of spoiler with the audience, whether it just be a word or something we might not understand now but will later on once we see it on the show.

And that's when Cole thought it would be a good time to simply say, "I die." And Jimmy's reaction is literally all of us.

cole sprouse jughead dies

OKAY COLE, way to just throw our beloved Jughead Jones under the bus like that. Of course, he's just kidding around with us and the way he reacted to his own response was rather priceless.

cole sprouse jimmy fallon

So no, Jughead isn't getting killed off the series. At least not that we know of. He's one of the core four and Riverdale needs Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. Always. Now while he made a funny remark during his appearance on the show, we can't help but think about his on-screen love and of his rumored real-life girlfriend Lili Reinhart. There was a totally random blind item going around that said Lili's character Betty Cooper was going to possibly be killed off the show or the starlet was going to be recast which is totally untrue. But the fact that Cole is unknowingly joking about being killed off, something that's been said about the other half of Bughead, shows us these two really are connected. They're most likely never ever going to confirm or deny if they're dating despite you know, all the cute AF proof that exists. So we'll just have to settle for these far-reaching connections that add more fuel to the Sproushart fire. It's fine. Thanks for that, Cole.

He did explain to Jimmy though that Jughead's descent into full serpent lifestyle has allowed him to do things he never thought he would in his career and it looks like Juggy's life is going to get darker. So he did eventually give us a bit of a spoiler after all.

"Season 2, I'm riding a motorcycle and wielding a switchblade which is something my little quivering Disney self never thought would happen, if I'm being quite honest about it," Cole said. "The first half of the season has been us preparing for this impending impossible riot and much of Jughead's narrative was him being positioned on either side of this and trying to mediate this. So the second half of the season is me in a leather jacket, with a comb, on a motorcycle one foot on either side of this impending war."

Literally get ready for all the drama, this being Riverdale and all. Anything is possible, except we're not about Jughead dying so that storyline can get scrapped, please and thanks.

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