Casually running into your favorite celebrity while you’re walking down the street is literally every fan’s dream come true. It’s a pleasant surprise and ends up being a story you can tell basically anyone that will listen from here on out. But sometimes, these encounters don’t always go as planned and that’s exactly what went down between Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse and a fan who went up to them on the street.

The fan took to her Twitter account, which she has since made private, to share her side of the story from her brief run-in with the on and off-screen couple. She happened to be out and about in Vancouver, where the show is filmed, and that’s when she saw Cole and Lili. 

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She approached Cole in a bit of an unconventional, yet still simply excited way, and this didn’t go over all that smoothly.

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Yikes, that is for sure not a good feeling. But then, Lili decided to share her side of the events and explained why she and Cole weren’t happy with this fan. Overall, she felt the interaction “not cool and inappropriate.”

OH EM GEE, Betty Cooper did not come to mess around.

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So while it’s hard to know exactly what went down, clearly no one came out of this situation happy, which is just a bummer all around. This fan was pumped to see two of the stars from a show she enjoys IRL, but perhaps her approach wasn’t ideal for Lili and Cole. The actors felt like she invaded their personal space and maybe if she had introduced herself first or said hi before going in to hug Cole, this could’ve changed the turnout. He most likely was taken by surprise. Granted, no one ever wants to randomly be grabbed by a stranger, so you can understand Lili and Cole’s point of view, too. But this girl who approached them is a fan and when you see a celeb you have this connection to, you wouldn’t think you’re doing anything wrong. In reality, though, we don’t really know these stars on a personal level as much as we all may think we do. It’s easy to see both sides here, but none of us were there that night to say exactly what did and didn’t happen. This fan has since been sharing more details on her Twitter account though and is now getting tons of hate messages, which is not cool at all.  

Cyberbullying is never acceptable, so we hope this all dies down for everyone involved. If anything, we should all just take this situation as a lesson we can learn from. Yes, celebrities should expect fans to recognize them in public and you hope they’re always happy to stop, chat, snap a selfie or give a hug. But as fans, let’s make sure we treat these stars with kindness and respect, in hopes that we get that back too. 

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