If you thought Cole Sprouse wasn't like his Riverdale character Jughead Jones, boy were you mistaken. In a resurfaced J-14 exclusive video from 2008, we have proof that Cole was always meant to play the savage Southside Serpent that is Jughead Jones. Watch the #FlashbackFriday video above.

In response to what Disney character they relate to most, Dylan opted for Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, while Cole said he identified with Donald Duck the most – but for a very dark reason.

Cole told J-14, "Me, well, I've never really thought of it – but uh, probably Donald because I'm kind of like a duck and when I get mad, I'll honestly attack you."

I'M SORRY, WHAT. Attack you? That seems like a very Southside Serpent thing to do, which further proves he always had that bad boy edge to him – even as a Disney Channel kid. In fact, Cole seems to be much more dangerous than we all think. In a recent interview with TRL, Cole's twin bro Dylan recalled a time when Cole legit beat up a thief while latching onto a moving vehicle. Yes, you heard that right. And yes, we're are, in fact, still talking about Cole Sprouse here. We weren't kidding when we said dangerous.

"Actually, you know, Cole is – in real life – he has some surprisingly badass moments. I remember when we were in Italy, someone stole all of our belongings at a gas station. And my family came outside to see Cole hanging out of the car window punching the driver in the face at 40 miles per hour down the highway. I did not exaggerate about that – it sounds crazy."

Hold. The. Phone. Can you imagine the swoon-worthy AF Cole we all know and love beating someone up? Jughead, maybe.

Dylan added, "He jumped in through the window, and punched the guy in the face until he stopped. We never got the gear back because he hit the brakes, Cole rolled off the hood – and the guy sped off. But he's pretty badass."

So there you have it – it looks like Cole has some of the serpent blood in him IRL. Straight up bad to the bone.

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