Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings, welcomed her first baby with fiancé Erik Stocklin on Monday, Dec. 10. Now, the YouTuber has revealed the name of her beautiful baby boy, the meaning behind it, and the hilarious story of how they chose it — and it couldn’t be sweeter! Drum roll please, Colleen and Erik have decided to name their newborn Flynn Timothy Stocklin. Ugh, what a cute name!

The 32-year-old revealed in a YouTube video that the name was pretty special to her. “His first, middle, and last name are all family names that mean a lot to us,” she explained. “Flynn is Eric’s middle name, his dad’s middle name, and it’s his great, great, great, grandfather’s last name. It was something that we thought was really cool and exciting, to pass down a name that’s been passed down for so many generations in his family. We think it’s cool and different.”

As for his middle name, Colleen explained that they chose it for her father! “His middle name is Timothy, which is my dad’s name. My dad is my hero,” she gushed. “He’s a kind, wonderful, giving, caring, selfless person, and everyday I strive to be even half as wonderful as my father is. I think my dad is the best role model ever for him to look up to and try to be like.”

The name honestly seems perfect, but the process wasn’t that easy for the Haters Back Off stars. Colleen added that they didn’t actually come up with the name until after he was born. “Most girls have an idea of what their kid’s name is gonna be from when they’re a little kid,” she went on. “Well, I didn’t have that, and neither did Erik. We didn’t know what we wanted to name him.”

And although some people claim that the second you see your baby the name will just come to you, that wasn’t the case for Colleen. “I looked at him and was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s perfect,’ and it actually made it harder to name him because it felt like there was no name good enough for how perfect he is,” Colleen continued. “Naming a human is so hard, it’s a big responsibility to name someone. They’re going to be called that for the rest of their life.”

But a magical moment at the hospital helped them finally choose the perfect name. “The coolest thing is, we were trying to figure out what to name him, and we could not figure it out. We were at the hospital, I was in labor, and we were like ‘What are we gonna name him?'” she explained. “And then I asked Eric to grab me something out of my purse. So he’s looking in my purse for something and he pulls out a pin. It says ‘Flynn’ and we bought [it] in Ireland together because it’s his family name.”

Flynn Pin

“We had talked about his name being Flynn but we hadn’t settled on it,” she continued. “I forgot about it completely and [had] put it at the bottom of my purse. And when Eric was going through my purse, he found it while we were at the hospital and I was about to deliver the baby. He pulled it out and I was like, ‘Oh my god it’s a sign.'”

Wow, what an adorable story! And what are little Flynn’s nicknames? The 32-year-old revealed that she calls him “Timmy Flynn”, “Flynny Tim Tim”, and our all time favorite — “Bunny!”

“The most frequent thing I call him is ‘Bunny,'” she gushed. “Right when he came out they put him on me and I was like, ‘Aww, baby, it’s okay ‘Bunny!’ I don’t know why, but I call him ‘Bunny’ a lot.”

We are so happy for Colleen and Erik, and Flynn could not be more beautiful.

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