Get ready to become obsessed with School Spirit. The brand new horror flick is coming to Hulu on August 2, and we can’t wait! It’s about a group of high schoolers who are stuck in detention together on a Saturday. But things get a little scary when ghosts start to torment them. The movie is part of a 12-part horror event series called Into the Dark. And want to know the best part? Girl Meets World star Corey Fogelmanis is starring in it! Yep, you guys might want to prepare ourselves because J-14 recently caught up with the actor, and he spilled all the tea on the upcoming flick. And boy, does it sound like it’s going to be good.

J-14: Tell us about School Spirit — what’s it about?

Corey Fogelmanis: School Spirit is like The Breakfast Club meets Blumhouse [Productions]. It’s about five kids in a Saturday detention, who all have their own distinct personalities and things going on. They come together and are forced to spend the day together, and they have to confront themselves and each other and supposedly paranormal aspects of the school. It’s very thrilling and psychological — and it’s really fun.

J-14: Can you tell us a little about your character?

Corey: My character’s name is Bret. I really like Bret. He’s really sweet, and he likes to follow the rules — and he wants everyone to be responsible. He’s always looking out for everybody’s best interest — and as the episode goes on, you get to know him in more ways than one. It’s really cool. I had a lot of fun playing him.

J-14: Do you relate to your character at all? If so, how?

Corey: On the surface level I do relate to him. In school I was always, you know, not necessarily a teacher’s pet — but I always followed the rules. I hardly got in trouble. I think in that regard, I definitely relate to him.

J-14: What’s your favorite scene from the movie?

Corey: There’s not too much that I can say because of spoilers, but there’s a long scene that takes place at the end of the movie that is so crazy and was really difficult to shoot. But it was so challenging and fulfilling for me as an actor, so I really enjoyed that. And it’s really fun to watch, as well.

J-14: Seeing as it’s a horror movie, were you scared at all while filming it?

Corey: Maybe not scared for my life. But I was definitely nervous about the performance in different aspects of it and wanting to make sure it was balanced. Once you see the whole thing, it’s kind of hard to talk about because I don’t want to give too much away, but once you see it you’ll see why there were different aspects that I wanted to give special attention to. So I wasn’t necessarily scared in a horror way, but I guess I was a little bit scared.

J-14: Do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any ghost stories of your own?

Corey: I do. I have one very specific story of an interaction with a ghost. When I was really young, I was probably like 2 or 3, someone in my mom’s family passed away. And that night, my mom said she heard me talking to her, like referring to her by her name, in my room. I was really young so I don’t remember that but I definitely believe in energy and ghosts.

J-14: Any behind-the-scenes stories or funny memories that you can share from on set?

Corey: This was a really crazy shoot. We shot it really fast, so there wasn’t a lot of time for us to mess around and be crazy. We were shooting like eight to nine pages a day, which was really fun and interesting in itself. It was really challenging, and our crew was really on top of it, of course. They had done 10 episodes before this because it was an anthology series, so they were really well oiled and everything — which I thought was really cool.

But there was one day, in particular, that I remember where we did something fun. I don’t know why we got the idea into our heads but we really wanted to blow up a marshmallow. We shot this around the time of Easter so there were peeps on set, and we tracked down a microwave. And, you know, when you put it in, it gets really big. I think that’s really funny because we found so much joy in that, and it’s such a simple, young thing.

School Spirit premieres on August 2 on Hulu.

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