Sabrina Carpenter will forever hold a place in Girl Meets World fans' hearts for being the one and only Maya Hart and while the Disney Channel series is no longer airing new episodes, her bond with her GMW castmates is unbreakable. And her friendship with Corey Fogelmanis, the unforgettable Farkle, is one that is truly special. Just look at the pair hanging out with their former Peter Pan & Tinker Bell: A Pirate's Christmas co-star Chrissie Fit, standing next to each other looking as adorable as ever. And super grown up.

Brb, crying. And in a true sign of their friendship, Corey has gone ahead and proven to the world he's the biggest Sabrina stan you'll ever meet. It's truly amazing.

Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Fogelmanis literally have the cutest relationship ever.

Sabs recently finished up her summer headlining tour, she's currently working hard on her third album, while simultaneously filming the upcoming movie, The Hate U Give. So she has a ton going on! But according to Corey, speaking behalf of her fans, Sabrina isn't making her music quick enough. She took to Twitter to share a screenshot of their text convo where Corey is legit demanding this album. Sabrina, of course, answered her bud with a studio selfie to prove she's actually in the midst of creating this magic.

"Cool you look tired. I hope you're pouring your heart into this album for us all. I'm playing the role of the audience (twitter stan) surrogate today," Corey wrote back. OK, let us break this down a bit more. It's beyond adorable that the photo Sabrina has assigned to Corey's phone number is an old selfie of the pair. Little babies. And she has the sassy girl emoji and a yellow heart next to his name too. This inside look into their friendship is something we never thought we needed. All of the GMW crew has stayed super close and always will be, but Corbrina has given us next-level cuteness to obsess over time and time again.

Corey and Sabrina have a tradition of celebrating the new year together.

We've been treated to quite a few Corbrina NYE festivities the last few years. They both took to Instagram to share black and white pics shot by Sabs' sister Sarah during their New Year hangout where they're simply goofing around with each other, looking as cute as ever. "my son is getting so big he’s all embarrassed by me now," Sabrina wrote in the caption of the pic she posted.

Corey went with a more standard pose of the BFF pair for his post, giving us a bit of their shared humor in his caption. "We’d liked to recommend a vine to start off your 2018: 'Country boy, I love you.' Link in bio enjoy happy monday," he wrote.

sabrina corey hugging

And let us look back on how Corey has commemorated the start of the last few new year celebrations with a photo of him and Sabrina.

corbrina nye

Just the cutest.

sabrina corey nye

Keeping the tradition alive for us all.

Sabrina and Corey recreated her "On Purpose" music video in London.

This was a moment for sure. The duo recreated Sabrina's "On Purpose" music video during their London reunion where Corey was filming a movie and Sabrina was out on tour.

Sabrina and Corey once took a nap together.

Seriously, their time in London was the gift that kept on giving when it came to cuteness overload.

corey and sabrina napping

Corey sang Sabrina's song to her.

Sabs took to Instagram to show us all that Corey has some serious pipes as he made up his own rendition of her latest single, "Why."

Always being so supportive that Corey, in his own unique way of course.

Sabrina and Corey had the sweetest reunion at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

The 2017 RDMAs red carpet reunion left us all in a legit puddle of feels, thanks to the hand-holding and sheer look of happiness on their faces.

sabrina corey rdmas

That time Corey and Sabrina danced together.

We can never forget when Corey went to see a show during Sabrina's EVOLution Tour and was very eager to learn some of her choreography.

Let us never forget when Corey finally realized he loves Sabrina.

It was a moment back in 2015 fans freaked out over.

What made this video even more dramatic was the fact that it seemed like Corey and Sabrina were totally calling out Sabs' ex-boyfriend Bradley Steven Perry and his friendship with Paris Berelc since they had tweeted a very similar convo. Even if it wasn't intentional shade toward Sabrina's former flame, Corey is clearly always and forever #TeamSabrina and this moment proves it. The friendship between these two is simply unparalleled and now they've just sent the fandom into a literal frenzy with their latest batch of pics. Corey took to his Instagram to share photos from his day hanging out with Sabrina and her sister Sarah and the one shot that made hearts soar everywhere was one of Corey and Sabs holding hands. Cue the squeals.

What's even more remarkable about this moment is Danielle Fishel, who you know as Topanga from Boy Meets World and GMW, commented on the set of pictures saying what we're all thinking.

sabrina carpenter corey fogelmanis holding hands


So that leaves us all wondering…

Are Sabrina and Corey dating?

While it seems like just about everyone is shipping Corbrina, we're making it clear it's just a really strong friendship they have. While fans would most likely lose their minds if these two ever dated, there's about a 99.9% chance it will never happen. They've both said they think of each other as family, so that would just be a bit weird if there was anything more to their friendship. Plus, Danielle adding "JK" to her comment has us thinking she knows it's all just a fun joke. Sabrina even set the record straight when she spoke to Seventeen about her bond with Corey.

"Corey has been a big supporter in my life. He’s so funny and smart. And he’s a great friend—but never [more than that]. Oh, my God—I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that! The thing is, when you have a best friend like that and you’re so comfortable with them, you’ll hug them, you’ll jump on their back, you’ll have sleepovers. But we’re really just friends," she said.

And Corey opened up on the actual status of his love life to RAW and confirmed he's not dating anyone at the moment.

"I am single. I’m in a relationship with my career right now, sorry," he said with a laugh.

So there we have it. Corey and Sabrina aren't dating. But they do make a lovely bride and groom if I say so myself.

maya and farkle gmw wedding
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