Brooke Hyland just said “yes” to her longterm boyfriend, Brian Thalman!

The former Dance Moms star announced her engagement via Instagram on Monday, May 6, and we couldn’t be happier for the former reality star.

Along with posting several photos from the engagement, which took place at her hometown of Pittsburgh, she wrote as the caption: “Learned that he’s almost as tall as me on one knee — here’s to today, tomorrow, & forever after that 💍”

The engagement took place at a cafe in a park in Pittsburgh, where Brian coordinated the event as an early Mother’s Day brunch, so Brook wouldn’t be suspicious as to why all of his and her family members would be attending.

brooke hyland engagement 1
Photos Courtesy of Brilliant Earth x Ashley Sara Photography

“Turns out this was all a ploy to get me there,” Brooke shared to J-14. “I was completely surprised when he got down on one knee and was so happy that our families were witnessing it from afar and got to celebrate with brunch afterwards! ”

Brooke’s ring is Brilliant Earth’s Sydney Perfect Fit in 18K yellow gold set, with a 3.5 carat elongated cushion cut.

According to People Magazine, the couple first met in Pittsburgh in December 2021, when Brooke was home for Christmas. “At the time, she was living in Austin, Texas. Her cousin, who is my close friend, introduced us to one another,” he told the outlet. “We did long distance for a few months before Brooke moved back to Pittsburgh.”

The engagement comes days after the premiere of the Dance Moms: The Reunion, which Brooke, her sister and mother took part of. The reunion premiered on Lifetime on Wednesday, May 1, and also included former Dance Moms alumni JoJo SiwaChloe LukasiakPaige HylandKendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker.

brooke hyland engagement 1
Photos Courtesy of Brilliant Earth x Ashley Sara Photography

Within the reunion, Brooke, her sister Paige and mom Kelly Hyland spoke about the way they exited the show back in 2014. ICYMI, Kelly and former dance coach Abby Lee Miller infamously got into a physical altercation, which ultimately led to Kelly ending her daughters’ dancing careers.

“I feel like that’s my fault, that we left because I lost my temper. I pretty much felt guilty for the past 10 years of my life. Since that day happened,” Kelly admitted to her daughters during the reunion special.

“I always said if that was me, if I was a mother, I think I would have been 10 times worse than you,” Paige assured her mom, “because I feel like I always know that you were only protecting us.”

Despite Kelly’s regretful feelings, her daughters reminded her that the two were able to have normal childhood experiences because of that decision.

“We’re still able to have that because of when we got off the show,” Brooke said. “I hope you know that.”

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