YouTuber David Dobrik has taken to social media and, once again, begged fans to stop showing up at his house.

“I appreciate you guys so much, I promise. But please please do not come to my house. It’s not fun. It’s just awkward,” the social media star explained in an Instagram Stories post. “If I see you out and about, come say hello! I love that. But coming to my house is a little scary. Especially, [because] everyone is a stranger. And Mama Dobrik always says, ‘Stranger danger.'”

David Dobrik Begs Fans To Stop Showing Up At His House: ‘It's Scary'

As fans know, back in December 2019, the Vlog Squad founder posted a series of since-expired videos on Instagram Stories that showed multiple groups of fans standing outside his front door. At the time, David pleaded with fans to stop showing up to his home.

“This is crazy that I’m still making these stories, I literally feel like a broken record — I sound like my parents,” he said in one video. “But stop coming here, please. I don’t wanna have to move, but this is terrifying.”

After the visitors seemed to stop showing up, David took to Twitter and reiterated his message to fans.

“Hello guys I love everyone that supports me and shows me love. Truly. BUT PLEASE STOP COMING TO MY F**KING HOUSE,” he said.

During the December 20, 2019, episode of his podcast VIEWS, David also addressed the situation and admitted to looking for a new house because his assistant Natalie Noel is terrified of people knowing where they live.

“I did go look at a $7 million house but I also wanna say, why do people keep coming to this house?” he said during the podcast episode. “I f**king love this house with all my heart, and the reason we have to move is because Natalie’s f**king scared she’s gonna get stabbed in the middle of the night. Please, oh my god. Guys, I wanna stay here. I love this house, and you’re literally — this is to like .0006 percent of people listening — like you are literally ruining my chances of living here any longer because Natalie’s literally about to f**king drag me out of here because people are still showing up to the house.”

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