Prepare yourselves, people, because Addison Rae might be joining David Dobrik‘s crew. Yep, the queen of TikTok and former Hyper House member is apparently in the “audition process” to become part of the Vlog Squad, according to Zane Hijazi.

A screenshot posted to the Instagram account, TikTok Room, showed a mysterious comment from Zane in response to a fan who asked about Addison becoming a Vlog Squad member. Now, some people seriously think that she might be featured a lot more, once David starts uploading vlogs again.

“Addison is not part of the Vlog Squad,” the comment read. Zane’s reply said, “Don’t worry, she’s still in the audition process.”

From the sound of it, there might be some serious hijinks in the 19-year-old’s future.

As fans know, this wouldn’t be the first time Addison collaborated with the YouTubers. Back in March, she appeared in one of their vlogs, when Jason Nash tried to pull a prank on her that went horribly wrong. At the time, fans watched as Jason approached Addison, who was laying in bed on her laptop, with what looked like a can of men’s spray-on deodorant in his hand. Instead of spraying it at her, the can’s contents went straight into Jason’s face and mouth.

But that’s not all! There was also some speculation from fans that David and Addison were more than friends, especially after they collaborated on a TikTok video together. Get this — the influencer captioned the video, “He’s so sexy @DavidDobrik,” and the internet quickly went into a frenzy. Since then, they’ve actually made many TikToks together, and they were even spotted getting dinner together with a bunch of friends in March. She also recently made an appearance on his podcast, “VIEWS” where they talked about all things TikTok and YouTube. They never confirmed that anything romantic was going on, and eventually rumors fizzled out.

All in all, we’d be so here for Addison to join the Vlog Squad!

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