TikTok star Addison Rae has publicly apologized to Charli D’Amelio after her sister, Dixie, seemingly called her out for shading her online.

So the drama actually started all the way back in November 2019. At the time, Addison liked a bunch of comments on the video streaming app that seemingly slammed Charli. One of them read, “I mean [Charli] is pretty but the prettiest girl on TikTok? No, definitely not so who start the hype about her.” Another questioned why Charli was verified and Addison wasn’t.

When the old comments resurfaced and started to go viral in recent weeks, they must have caught Dixie’s eye because she took to Twitter to seemingly respond.

“Charli deserves better,” she wrote in a series of tweets posted on Friday, June 12. “The jealousy, oh my God.”

dixie damelio tweets

Charli also allegedly spoke out about the situation, tweeting, “Teehee, I’m chilling.”

After that, Addison took to Instagram to clear the air once and for all. She wrote in a comment, which was screenshotted and reposted by the account TikTok Room, “Yes, I did like the comments … I didn’t know her and hadn’t met her. This is no excuse but I will say, I had just gotten out of an extremely toxic and mentally abusive relationship that tore my heart to shreds. I was fully depressed and hated myself. I thought I was worthless without him after five years of being together. I searched for compliments and love from others because I couldn’t love myself without him.”

“It’s so gross and makes me really sad to think about to this day,” she continued. “But, I do know that I’ve loved and supported Charli since the day I met her. I think Charli deserves everything she’s done, and I know she genuinely loves doing this and loves her supporters. I already told her that she doesn’t need to forgive me, but I will say I was insanely desperate for love at the point of my life and that was what I had. (Still terrible, and I really don’t want to sound like an excuse because it’s not OK to do regardless). I love and know Charli and will love and support her no matter what.”

As fans know, Addison and Charli both went on to become members of the internet squad The Hype House, before Charli and Dixie announced their departure in May 2020.

After her apology, Dixie took to Twitter again. This time, she wrote, “Last thing I’m gonna say — I love my friends but my family comes first and I will not apologize for sticking up for my sister. I have love for everyone I am just very frustrated rn.”

But we have good news, you guys! It seems like everything is all good between them now because Addison then tweeted, “Live, learn, love,” and Dixie hit the like button on it.

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