In case you missed it, Debby Ryan‘s new Netflix show Insatiable just came out last week – and since then, the series has been receiving a whole lot of backlash. Viewers and critics are concerned that the show body-shames in a way that is both stereotypical and offensive. You see, the show follows the journey of a teenage girl named Patty who loses a ton of weight and goes on to be a beauty pageant contestant. While a large number of people believe the “revenge body” themed show is extremely problematic – Debby has spoken out about why she thinks the show covers these topics in a way that’s thoughtful.

She said in an interview with USA Today, “It’s cool and encouraging to have the writing – which I think was done with fearlessness but not recklessness. I think it’s intentional and careful and thoughtful about the subjects we’re touching on.”

The actress continued to explain that when she and her co-star Alyssa Milano talked about similar subjects in their own lives, they “laughed through it.”

Debby added, “When Alyssa and I have had off-camera conversations about ourselves, anxieties and being able to describe that, it doesn’t take a somber tone. We discuss it and heal through it in a way that feels very – playful.”

debby ryan


“I’m super thankful that there is such an awareness and such a concern about these topics, and I’m really glad that we have been able to step a little bit more forward into the conversation,” Debby explained in an interview with E News. “To be able to know that other people are just as protective as we are was very encouraging.”

There is no word yet about Insatiable returning for a second season, but the decision is definitely a controversial one among viewers – so only time will tell.

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