Is love in the air for Demi Lovato? Well, we're all sure hoping so after seeing these latest, super cute pics. The "Sorry Not Sorry" songstress headed to the happiest place on Earth, good old Disneyland for some fun and she was spotted holding hands with someone special. So now everyone is shipping them of course!

Demi took to her Instagram story where she shared a photo from her day in the park with her friends. Everyone is all smiles and it's clear this crew had a blast together.

demi lovato disneyland

Some eagle-eyed park goers spotted the singer in the actual park too where she holding hands with Lauren Abedini, a DJ and producer. That's the girl whose waist Demi has her arm around in the group shot she posted!

Although we can't see the their faces, based on their outfits in the photo Demi shared, it's easy to tell that this is indeed Demi and Lauren getting cozy.

So are they more than friends? Well, as of right now it's hard to tell. Demi is currently single and while she hasn't ever directly confirmed if she's bisexual, she has hinted to the fact. Just take a listen to her song, "Cool for the Summer."

"I am not confirming and I'm definitely not denying. All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. I don't think there's anything wrong with experimentation at all," Demi said to Alan Carr when she appeared on his show back in 2015 after he asked her about the tune. Plus, there was that time Ruby Rose claimed she and Demi dated back in the day, which Demi said wasn't true. But she did go on to explain in an interview with Complex that she has had plenty of relationships the public has no idea about.

"I don’t feel like any of my past or future — when it comes to relationships that may have happened or not have happened — are of any concern to anybody. Rumors are rumors, and people are going to spread them. You can believe what you want, but no, I was not in a relationship with her," Demi explained. "By the way, love is fluid. Whether there’s been rumors with one specific person or not, that’s all that matters. Humans are humans, and when you connect with somebody on a spiritual level it doesn’t matter. I don’t want people to ever look at the past or rumors or anything and try to figure me out. There’s a lot of relationships that I’ve had where nobody has even guessed it. Not everybody knows everything about me."

So while there is a possibility Demi could be dating Lauren, they simply could just be two friends who were holding hands while walking around an amusement park. Friends hold hands all the time without it meaning anything romantic! Everyone just wants Demi to be happy, so it's easy to see why they're jumping to conclusions here, but time will tell if there's anything more than friendship between these two.

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