Demi Lovato's documentary, Simply Complicated, dropped yesterday and fans were hoping to get a better idea of how the former Disney Channel teen queen battled addiction and came out on top to become the songstress she is today. Lovatics were also hoping to see some behind the scenes footage and anecdotes about Demi's love life. After dating Wilmer Valderrama for six years, moving on to several other guys after that and then refusing to address her sexuality, fans hoped Demi talked about her sexuality here, too. Well, fans were not disappointed.

The trailer that hit YouTube before the actual premiere date teased fans with direct quotes from the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer about the experience she went through while filming this. It seemed like it was going to be eye-opening and it was. To watch this, Lovatics can truly understand that this was one of the most vulnerable things Demi has ever done. She poured her heart out and let the world in on some of her deepest, darkest secrets. She let her demons out.

It's safe to say that after watching this documentary, Demi has become an inspiration. Yes, she still might be dealing with some issues of her own. But, she has conquered so much and become a person who focuses her energy on making music and perfecting her craft. She has proven that drugs and alcohol are no longer something she ever needs in her life.

Where can I watch Demi Lovato's documentary? Is it on YouTube?

Lovatics can watch the entire documentary, Simply Complicated, on YouTube. The original YouTube documentary is only airing on Demi's YouTube channel. The video was released at 10 a.m. PST and 1 p.m. EST on October 17, 2017.

Does Demi Lovato talk about Wilmer Valderrama in her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated?

Demi addresses her relationship with Wilmer in the documentary and basically brings everyone to tears. In the trailer for the video, Demi cried in the backseat of a car while someone in the background asks her, "This is the longest you’ve gone without being in a relationship, why do you think you broke up?" However, after actually watching the video, she's crying in the car about being back in her hometown so close to the anniversary of her MaMaw's death.

This question of why she and Wilmer broke up comes later. She said, "I’ve never loved anybody like I loved Wilmer and I still love him. I met him on Jan. 11, 2010. I thought ‘I have to have him,’ but I was only 17 and he was like, ‘Get away from me.' When I turned 18 we started dating. I think it was love at first sight, we connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anybody before, he was just my rock, my everything."

She continued, "The sparks never faded but there are issues that I haven’t conquered yet that I know I won’t conquer if I’m relying on somebody else to take care of the loneliness. I just wasn’t ready and there was so much in my life that I hadn’t explored yet … That was one of the reasons why we broke up because I’ve never been alone. It had nothing to do with falling out of love, we decided together we just probably are better as friends."

Does Demi Lovato talk about her addiction struggles and substance abuse in her YouTube documentary?

Yes, and it comes up a lot. In the trailer, she said, "I went on like a bender, like two months, where I was using daily." Later on, she said, "I’m coming up on five and half years of sobriety"

The first couple of lines from the documentary hit everyone right to the core when she admits she was anxious about the interview. Why? Because the last time she did an interview like this she was high the entire time. It's a bombshell. But, those bombshells don't stop there. They keep coming and really show Lovatics how much of a miracle it is that Demi is alive today.

During Simply Complicated she said, "I loved it…I felt out of control the first time I did it. My dad was an addict and an alcoholic. Guess I always searched for what he found in drugs and alcohol because it fulfilled him and he chose that over a family…I was using while I had a sober companion and I went through like 20 sober companions. I was either craving drugs or on drugs. I was not easy to work with. It’s embarrassing to look back at the person that I was.

Fans are able to see her journey from being one person in a certain state of mind to another person in another state of mind. They are able to see how she has changed dramatically over the past five and a half years, but also how she still constantly struggles every day. Today, the struggle isn't with drugs or alcohol but coping with her eating disorder. During the documentary, Demi says that she had a relapse and purged herself after a fit of binging food. Demi reveals that the first thing she did after she and Wilmer broke it off was purge herself.

Does Demi Lovato talk about punching her back up dancer, Alex Welch, on the plane in Simply Complicated?

Simply Complicated looks back on this situation and addresses it but doesn't show the actual footage, if there even is any, of Demi punching her back up dancer, Alex Welch. There are videos of them on a plane together but it's not quite clear if that was from the incident. We would assume not.

Demi admits that she actually manipulated Kevin Jonas Sr. into telling her who had snitched on her for using medication that was not prescribed to her. She had said to him that she was happy this person told on her because they were only trying to do the right thing and look out for her. When Kevin Sr. caved and revealed the person's identity, Demi took the situation into her own hands, got on the plane and punched the dancer in the face.

Does Nick Jonas make an appearance in Demi Lovato's YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated?

Nick Jonas actually takes credit for trying to bring the old Demi back and pull her out of this addiction cycle. Demi's manager, John Taylor, said, "It was actually the Jonas Brothers waving the flag, and saw Demi veering in a different direction." Yet, it was Nick who actually takes some credit for thinking and believing he was responsible for bringing the old Demi back. He explained, "While we were on tour Demi and Joe’s relationship had become really complicated so I was playing the bridge."

He continued, "It became really good you know between she and I for a while and growing closer than we’ve ever been. I remember thinking in my head I felt a bit of pride about it, like selfishly maybe I was helping her back to being the Demi we know and love. She’s not going to do anything crazy, she’ll be fine and then this episode happened." Obviously referring to when she punched her back up dancer on the plane.

Does Demi Lovato talk about her sexuality in Simply Complicated?

She does! Before the documentary came out, Demi chatted with Extra and was asked if she's willing to dating men and women. With a smile on her face, Demi said, "That's how I've always felt." In Simply Complicated we see her desire for just a basic "human connection" rather than divulge into the topic of sexuality and putting that kind of a label on it.

Demi admits that she is on the dating app Raya, which is exclusively for the elite and celebrity community. At one point, she matches with a girl. Yet at another point she has her stylist pick outfits for a soccer game date night with a guy. All of this proving that she's into girls and guys.

Does Demi Lovato refuse to talk about anything in her YouTube documentary?

Demi is actually super honest throughout the entire documentary. Nothing is off limits and she is there to tell her story without any lies. However, she told Rolling Stone, "I was pretty open with the cameras. The only times I didn’t want the cameras on me were when I was songwriting because I didn’t want to be distracted."

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer told People magazine that this documentary was an apology to her fans. She said, "And in this documentary, I’m 1000 percent sober and I get to really explain myself and apologize to my fans. There wasn’t anything that was off-limits…I have been very open and honest with [fans] about my struggles so I don’t think it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders but it’s something I definitely feel relief from. Being so honest and open and talking about subjects that I never talked about before is a big part of why I feel relieved … I feel like I got to really speak my truth through the documentary and also through the album."

Demi continued, "I talk about my breakup and I talk about my love life and sexuality. There are things that I never touched on that I touch on in the documentary. For me, I get to control the narrative in my documentary, which is really refreshing."

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