Is Demi Lovato about become a mom? The 27-year-old had the internet going crazy on Wednesday, November 21 after she posted to Instagram cradling a baby bump and sparked rumors that she might be pregnant.

As fans know, this photo came just after she became Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Austin Wilson, on November 13.

However, it seems that Demi is just taking on a new recurring role in the television show Will and Grace. According to her caption, the singer will be playing a character named Jenny in a few upcoming episodes.

“Real or fake?” she wrote alongside the photo and included a pregnant woman and silly tongue face emoji.

The NBC series’ star, Sean Hayes, even commented on the post welcoming Demi to the cast and complimenting her outfit.

“You look so dang cute in polka dots!” he said.

One fan even took to Instagram and made a joke about the “Tell Me You Love Me” songstress’ baby bump and wrote, “Demi is pregnant with D7” —  a reference to her upcoming album, which according to teasers on the singer’s social media, seems to be coming soon.

She even reposted this to her Instagram Stories and seemingly confirmed the album.

“This is true,” she wrote.

Demi Lovato Sparks Pregnancy Rumors


That’s not all. Demi even took to her Instagram Stories and expressed her gratitude about being cast on Will and Grace. She shared a heartfelt photo posted by one of her friends and the series’ biggest fan, Spencer West.

“Will and Grace wasn’t just a sitcom for me. Not only did the show and the characters often mirror my own life and experience, but it was a constant source of light and laughter that got me through some dark times,” he captioned the Instagram photo. “My incredible and talented friend [Demi] has a recurring role as Jenny on this final season and graciously invited me to come come hang out and watch the taping.”

Demi Lovato Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Demi responded back and said, “The caption on this post is one of the reasons it was such an honor being on this show. Thank you.”

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