Descendants star Sarah Jeffery recalled what it was like working with the late Cameron Boyce in an exclusive interview with J-14.

“He just had such contagious laughter,” the Charmed actress, 25,​ told J-14. “There’s just nothing quite like it. So just getting to be in his company for such an extended period of time, I feel like every moment was precious.”

She even mentioned the actor by name while reflecting on the funniest behind-the-scenes moments on set. “I feel like any time I was spending time with Cameron, I would be laughing, laughing forever,” she said.

The Descendants actress revealed that her favorite song to learn the choreography to was the iconic opening song, “Rotten to the Core,” explaining, “The song, the choreo, the energy and just really talented people coming together to make it like such a dynamic opening number.”

The Canadian singer also mentioned that training for the choreography took months at a time, and the actors worked at a dancing bootcamp that she actually really enjoyed since she grew up dancing. “I thrived in those prepped months,” she said, and mentioned that the blocking for the choreography was where she watched a lot of the other actors and dancers at work.

“Like watching Cameron, he is just, yeah, insanely talented, it’s crazy.”

Sarah plays Princess Audrey in the Descendants films, daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, and the antagonist in the first and third films. She revealed her hopes for Audrey’s character growth if the story ever continued, and that she would love to see the villain have more girl friends “where she’s not backstabbing them.”

“I think there’s some healing that has to happen and then maybe she can be friends with everyone and actually have like a family. She seems so isolated. I would love for her to have some fun.”

When asked about a possible Descendants 4, the actress teased, “Never say never. The thing about Descendants is the possibilities are just endless. So, I’m sure that whatever they cook up will be just wonderful and special.”

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