ICYMI, rumors have been swirling as of late that Logan Paul has a new girlfriend, and trust us,  we’re just as shook by the news as you are.

That’s right! After years of starting trouble and pulling ridiculous stunts on the internet, the eldest Paul Brother has seemingly found someone who’s willing to accept him for him — controversies and all. So, who is it? YouTuber and Instagram model Corinna Kopf.

Like you, we have a ton of questions about this possible new couple. Like, where did they meet? How did they link up? Are they even really dating? The truth is, neither Logan or Corinna have confirmed anything at this point, so right now it’s all just speculation. However, here’s everything we know so far about the potential new pair:

Her name came up in Logan’s podcast in December 2018.

If you listen to the YouTube star’s Impaulsive Podcast, you might not remember that on the December 15 episode, Corinna’s name was mentioned. Well, it most certainly was. When Josh Peck said he didn’t think she liked him very much, Corinna confirmed that, actually, she has nothing but love for him. Later that day, she also tweeted Logan saying the same thing, so it seems like this is how their rumored romance possibly kicked off.

The following week, they both posted cryptic tweets.

The internet stars really began raising eyebrows the following week, when they both started tweeting mushy things about a secret romance. On December 21, the 23-year-old model shared how great it felt to actually connect with someone. The next day, the vlogger seemed to have echoed her sentiments, saying she could be the “main squeeze.” Hmm…

Logan indirectly responded to one of Corinna’s tweets.

Need more proof that something is most likely going on between these two internet personalities? Well, here it goes. After Corinna gushed about how nice it is to finally meet someone who provides stimulating conversation and who wants you to be a better person, Logan seemingly answered back. Without tagging her in the post or anything, he tweeted, “lol same.” We don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much all the confirmation we needed that something is definitely going on between the two. We mean, Chloe Bennet WHO?!

She seemingly hinted that he should ask her out.

If you noticed that the YouTubers were posting cryptic messages back in December, but weren’t quite able to connect them to each other, allow us to help you out. You may remember that Logan tweeted something about it being “breakup season.” See?

Well, what you probably didn’t notice was that on the same exact day, the model tweeted, “cuff me season.” For those of you who don’t know, “cuffing season” refers to finding a relationship over the holidays, so if it was directed at Logan (which, how could it not be?), she was pretty much saying she wanted him to ask her out. Whoa.

After all that, she still claimed to be single at the end of December.

What’s a YouTube relationship if it doesn’t make our heads spin, right? Well, after all the signs that these two were possibly dating, Corinna took to Twitter on December 29 to confirm that she’s “single as f–k.” Interestingly enough, this came mere hours after Logan tweeted something about ~someone~ being “so pretty.”

Come January, the rumored pair seemingly went on their first date.

After all of those back-and-forth tweets, Logan and Corinna basically confirmed what we’ve been speculating all along when they were spotted at a basketball game together in mid-January. Sure, it’s totally possible for friends to enjoy a sports game together every now and then, but if you saw the photos you know that the two got pretty cozy, so it sounds to us like we’re getting even closer to debunking those rumors once and for all.

Now, Logan’s acting like he doesn’t know how to pronounce Corinna’s name.

Playing coy, are we? The YouTube sensation finally spoke about the model on his podcast. Well, kind of. When YouTube star Elle Mills appeared on the show, she actually revealed that the model was her first kiss, and NGL, it was kind of hilarious. For starters, Logan totally botched her name, asking Elle if she makes the “F” sound when saying “Kopf.” Turns out, he may have been saying her last name wrong all along. Regardless, we definitely noticed him hiding his face a few times in the video, so if you ask us, that’s only further confirmation that something’s going on between the two.

Well, what do you guys think? Are Logan and Corinna dating? As we said before, neither of them have confirmed that they’re dating… yet. However, we’re feeling pretty confident that there’s something going on between these two, so of course, we’ll be keeping our antennas up for more updates. Don’t worry! When we get the scoop, you’ll be the first to know.





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