Is Lia leaving ITZY?! The K-pop star announced her “temporary hiatus” back in September 2023, but fans have become concerned regarding her return as the months pass. Keep reading for everything we know.

Did Lia Leave ITZY?

Lia has not left ITZY, however, she hasn’t partaken in her band’s activities for quite some time — including their 2024 comeback and their BORN TO BE world tour.

On September 18, JYP revealed that Lia would be taking a temporary hiatus due to health concerns. In a handwritten note posted to ITZY’s Instagram, Lia addressed her fans directly following the news of her hiatus.

“It’s been six years since I began this journey together with the members I met through our shared dream! I was able to go through that time and come this far thanks to the members and MIDZY,” she said. “Although they were such precious times, I came to realize that I’ve been gradually losing myself while running up to this point.”

She continued, “MIDZY are the people that I am always grateful to more than anyone else, so my only wish is to give you my love and happiness back. To that end, I felt like I needed to take some time off to love and fill myself first. As I always say, I sincerely hope that MIDZY will be happy. I will work to return in good health in order to repay how much MIDZY wait and worry for me.”

When Will Lia Return From Hiatus?

It’s unclear, as a time frame for Lia’s return has not been established yet. For now, it’s important that she focus all her energy on feeling better!

The last time Lia was spotted publicly was at an ITZY concert in Seoul in February 2024, where they shared some sweet photos and videos via Instagram.

ICYMI, ITZY debuted as a girl group under JYP Entertainment in 2019, dropping on the K-pop scene with the iconic track “Dalla Dalla” — which means “Different Different” in Korean. The members include leader Yeji, Lia, RyujinChaeryeong and Yuna.

Over the years, Lia has expressed she originally felt insecure after debuting with ITZY, and felt unsure about her own skills.

“During ‘Dalla Dalla’, our debut, for example, even if everyone liked us and liked our songs, I would still feel unstable at the time, no matter what – I didn’t relate to the theme and the love,” Lia told Billboard in 2022, before explaining how she’s since changed. “Now, I think it’s more about me feeling that I have a team. I have my fans. I know where I belong.”

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