Gearing up for her debut alum? Dinah Jane took a brief break from music following her Fifth Harmony days. However, she’s back an better than ever with her new single “Ya Ya,” which was released in August 2023!

Keep reading for all the details on Dinah’s solo music, if she has an album in the works and more. 

Is Dinah Jane Releasing Solo Music After Fifth Harmony?

Her first solo single, “Bottled Up,” was released in 2018, with her first-ever EP, Dinah Jane 1, dropping in April 2019. From that point on, Dinah released a few more singles in 2020 before taking a brief break from music.

“All these questions started kicking me down at the time, and I was like, ‘I honestly quit,’” she recalled to People during a May 2023 interview. “I told my family, ‘I don’t want this [any] more. I don’t care for music.’”

We’re so glad she changed her mind! She dropped “Ya Ya,” her first musical drop in three years, on August 22, 2023.

Dinah Jane's Debut Album After Fifth Harmony: Solo Music Details, Singles

Did Dinah Jane Start Her Own Record Label?

Yes, she announced her plans to launch a record label.

“I’m the first female artist of Polynesian descent in the mainstream world to do this,” Dinah shared in the same People interview. “I want to give that platform to the next generation of Polynesian kids.”

Why Did Dinah Jane Take a Break From Music?

Dinah explained that 2020 was a “reset” year for her.

“It became more of, I’m doing it for me. It’s been three years since I’ve dropped music and I’m glad that I didn’t during that time, because I was not ready. I was broken, I was running, I was shattered,” she told Teen Vogue in June 2023. “I just didn’t know how to feel, but I liked it. I liked that I was feeling broken, I liked that I was feeling things. Because before, being so busy in the group and then going solo, I just kept going, kept going, kept going.”

Is Dinah Jane Releasing an Album?

The singer teased to Rolling Stone in August 2023 that “Ya Ya” will be the first of a bigger project, revealing that she’s dropping a “couple of special gems” from it along the way. She revealed that the new music is “very tropical, naughty, island girl vibes.”

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