Ever since news hit the web that Disney is making a live-action remake of the animated classic The Little Mermaid, there has been one main question on everyone’s mind. And that is — who will play Princess Ariel? Well, it was announced back in July 2019 that the one and only Halle Bailey was going to play the mermaid we know and love, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

But wait, who exactly is the actress that’s about to blow everyone away in the upcoming flick? What has she acted in before this? Where can we follow her on social media? Is she single and which famous faces has she dated in the past? Don’t worry, people, because J-14 did some digging and uncovered a lot on the brunette beautyNot only has she appeared in a bunch of movies and TV shows before this, but she’s also totally slayed the charts with her music!

Scroll through our gallery to check out everything you need to know about Halle — The Little Mermaid‘s new Princess Ariel.

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