Dixie D’Amelio might have just released her first album Wild, but her house might just be wilder!

The TikTok star moved from her apartment to her very own house in early 2022, and her new pad is seriously impressive. In a YouTube video of her touring her old apartment, she said, “I like being home a lot and I spend a lot of time just chilling with my thoughts.” Same, girl.

Dixie’s close-knit family discussed the importance of their home environment to Gotham back in May 2021. “The girls have people coming at them from all different directions, and a lot is positive, but a lot is negative — so we try to keep the house a positive environment,” explained Marc D’Amelio, Dixie’s dad.

“So, we still parent — but I do think we try to make sure that we’re not adding an extra layer of unneeded pressure on the kids. Not that we look the other way on things, but I like that, especially with what’s going on now. … Back in the day, I might’ve nagged about the rooms and things like that. I’m a little bit more lenient now.”

Dixie, who is also a successful singer-songwriter, talked about her music pursuits in a May 2022 interview with Nylon. “I’ve never felt as connected with my music as I do with this new stuff,” she explained. “I’ve been writing for two years, but I finally found a writer and producer who I could connect to, and we could sit and connect for hours.”

Her new album, WILD was released on June 10. “I feel like everyone’s first [album] is always scary and different, but I also think it shows a lot of growth from the beginning,” she said. “There’s no one theme throughout, besides just being yourself and going through different things. There are breakup songs, but not specific breakup songs. They are situational. Nothing is for clout or attention because I’m trying to develop myself as a real artist. I think if I was like, ‘Oh, this is about my ex who you all know,’ it would take away from what I’m trying to do.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Dixie’s gorgeous California home. 

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