Making a decision way out of character! Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) cheated on boyfriend John B (Chase Stokes) with Topper (Austin North) during Outer Banks season 3.

“I was so scared about this storyline because I felt that inherently wasn’t in Sarah’s nature,” Madelyn, 25, told Entertainment Tonight following the third season premiere. “I wanted to make it feel like ultimately she was so lost and so confused. John B has been Sarah’s home, and she gets kicked out of that home, figuratively, so where does she go?”

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star explained that her character “has nowhere to go” after fighting with John B.

“She’s kind of on her own. It’s just hard, you tend to go toward a person who will welcome you,” Madelyn added. “I think that’s a very human thing and it’s complicated, just like any relationship.”

Keep reading for all the details on Sarah Cameron, John B and Topper’s love triangle.

Does Sarah Cameron Cheat on John B?

Yes! After a fight with her boyfriend, the Kook Princess headed back to Figure 8 from the Cut, where she found Topper. He offered to take her to a party with their old friends, which Sarah looked at as a safe space.

After a romantic moment together, they share a kiss and spend the night on the beach.

Does Sarah Cameron Cheat on John B in 'Outer Banks' Season 3? Topper Relationship Explained
Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

“I remember reading the script and choking a little bit because in the past season she’s gone through a really crazy physical adventure, and then this year has kind of been a big emotional ride,” Madelyn told InStyle, teasing Sarah’s “daddy issues, relationship issue and family issues.”

Chase, 30, for his part, reacted to the storyline, saying, “Cheating is never warranted, but John B does her dirty too,” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Are Sarah Cameron and John B Still Together?

By the end of the season, the pair officially reconciled. After John B and Topper got into a fistfight, he and Sarah discussed their issues and got back together. Eventually, they discovered El Dorado as a couple, proving they’re stronger than ever.

Madelyn told ET that Sarah and John B are have been endgame “since day one.”

She added, “Fairy-tale relationships are wonderful and everybody dreams of it, but they’re also still real relationships in real life that deal with real problems. It’s all about how you get through it.”

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