Which one of the Dolan Twins is the ultimate daddy? Well, they put themselves to the test with a video oh-so-appropriately titled, "Daddy Challenge." If you have ever wondered what they would be like as actual dads, then this one is for you. Basically, Grayson and Ethan ordered a pair of infant simulators that you have to take care of like a real-life baby. The fake babies literally cry when they have to be fed, burped, rocked, changed, you name it. After taking care of the dolls for an entire day, they sent the babies back off the company they came from – and soon after, they got grades back based on their performance as a caregiver (er, daddy). Boy, were these guys in for it. Based on their initial reactions to meeting their sons straight out of the box, it's safe to say they were a little apprehensive about entering fatherhood.

grayson and ethan dolan babies

Once they realized that they weren't exactly prepared with the necessary baby items for their sons, the twins headed off to the store to buy things like wipes, batteries and something for their babies to sleep on. Before decided opting for a fluffy dog bed, Ethan thought a litter box would act as the perfect crib – you know, if you put some blankets in it. Of course, it didn't seem to appear that he knew it was a litter box when suggesting the idea. Oh, Ethan. What are we going to do with you?

Once Grayson and Ethan were all set and ready with their parenting supplies, they loaded their dolls with batteries and began a very difficult journey as new dads. First stop? Pizza. While at the restaurant, the babies kept quiet for the most part. That is, until Ethan totally jinxed it by saying, "Last slice, and the babies have not cried yet." From then on, it was basically constant rocking, burping and changed for the twins. Parenting ain't easy, boys.

Any Dolan fan would have to agree that the highlight of the day was their father and son bonding time, in which the social media stars strapped on some hands-free baby carriers and ventured out into the world. Grayson and Edwin did some food shopping, while Ethan and Jimson played at the park. We'll never get over it, tbh.

ethan dolan baby

After going through a terribly exhausting night, the boys took out the batteries, packaged up their babies, and sent them on their way. The results? Ethan got a 95%, while Grayson got a 79%. As a result, Grayson had to face the "daddy consequence," which consisted of posting a photo of himself with the baby. But what's the catch? Ethan got to pick the caption.

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I am the Daddy

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"I am the Daddy," he wrote alongside the photo. So there you have it! Ethan is the ultimate daddy, and Grayson, well, he's the loser in this particular situation.

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