Dove Cameron is known to be vocal on Twitter with her fans, letting them know well, whatever it is that might be on her mind. She decided to let the world know that she has a crush on someone rather special. This crush is beautiful, talented, kind to others and is a total catch. This crush happens to be herself. Stay with us on this one.

So, it all began when Dove was sharing how she likes to look her best when she's simply chilling at home, she you know, she wants to impress herself

She then explained that she feels this type of way because well, she's totally crushing on herself. (Sorry Zac Efron, you've been shelved when it comes to Dove's list of crushes!)

Dove is out here spreading that self-love message! But some fans were quick to get on the attack and tell her they felt she was being full of herself. Dove being the smart girl she is took this as an opportunity to educate the masses — or rather her 1.19 million Twitter followers — that's not all about vanity, she just loves herself fully and it's something she wants her fans and people everywhere to experience too.

The Descendants star just wants everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, like she has grown to be.

dove cameron tweet

So there we have it. Dove is totally crushing on herself, but for all valid reasons. She is in fact dating her co-star Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty IRL but clearly she fives herself all the love she needs. Anything else is just extra and welcome, obviously.

dove cameron

You go, girl.

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