Dove Cameron never misses! The former Disney Channel star released her newest track “Lethal Woman” off her upcoming debut album titled Alchemical.

Keep reading for a lyric breakdown and more.

Dove Cameron ‘Lethal Woman’ Single: Lyric Breakdown

Dove dropped “Lethal Woman” on Friday, October 20, along with an official visualizer that has Dove dancing while wearing a sheer, skin-tight black dress.

“‘Cause she walks like a saint, floats like an angel, sharp like a knife under the table,” she sings. “Can’t feel my face, I should’ve stayed home. I know what she’s doin’, she’s a lethal woman.”

According to Dove, the song is about a girl she “met at a party,” she wrote via TikTok caption.

“I didn’t ask for this, but I’m not mad at it. So if I can’t resist, I guess I’m powerless. I didn’t ask for this, I’m not a masochist. I guess I’m into it. I like a lethal woman,” she ends the track.

The track “delves into the allure and danger of a woman who possesses both temptation and lethal power, exploring themes of desire, strength, and empowerment,” via official statement.

For her new music era, Dove wiped her Instagram feed and posted several photos sharing details of “Lethal Woman.”

“HelloooOO KIDS!!! i’m back & the first song off alchemical volume 1 is out tonight at midnight,” she wrote as the caption. “We had so much fun making this record & experimenting & i hope it makes you feel telekinetic. it’s also the only song on v.1 that goes this crazy so get ready because after we menace, we’re crying from here on out i love you.”

When Is Dove Cameron Dropping Her Debut Album?

Dove officially announced the news of her album in September 2023, revealing that the title was AlchemicalShe has yet to announce the release date.

“I have just narrowed it down from about 60 songs that I have written. I’m trying to get the number of songs on the album really high, but Columbia [Records] is being reasonable. I’m being unreasonable,” Dove told Variety in July 2023. “I’ve got all my favorites and most of them have been sent to the mixer and finished and the ones that aren’t I just left the studio last night at midnight while I’m in L.A.”

She added, “It’s definitely this year. I can say it’s very soon. I was working against a deadline that might have pushed it to next year but I fixed it. I’ll be able to announce it in a week or two.”

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