It’s been three years since Disney Channel gave us all the first Descendants movie, and we got to see Dove Cameron play Mal – the purple-haired villain with a heart of gold. And if we’re being honest here, the songs from that first film are still total jams. The most emotional tune from the movie is for sure when Mal’s solo, “If Only,” when she starts to realize she has actual, real feelings for Prince Ben. Love is a whole new emotion she’s dealing with for the first time. The scene where Dove belts out the song is, of course, memorable. But as the 22-year-old actress recently revealed, there was some drama going on behind-the-scenes that resulted in a truly embarrassing moment. 

Speaking to Seventeen, Dove explained that while she was deep in the scene, the movie’s director (the one and only Kenny Ortega) had her castmates come and run up behind the starlet, totally freaking her out, which led her to fall. Ouch! And yet, it was kind of hilarious.

“I was in the woods filming a part of ‘If Only’ in Descendants that will never be seen. I was walking around a log and they never chose it for the film. They had walled off the whole set, like there was nobody who was coming and going, it was a completely quiet set, it was very intimate, there was like 10 people on the crew that day. And nobody had been coming and going, it felt very still,” she said. 

dove cameron if only scene
Disney Channel

“We were in the middle of some very far away forest and Kenny had invited the whole cast that day to apparently rush me wen I was doing my most intimate, ballad moments. And he had gotten all the takes he needed and he had them run up behind me. But in my survival, reptile brain, I thought it was a large animal because what else would be in the woods?! I could hear something fast approaching and it sounded really big and I fell off the log. That was pretty embarrassing. And I think it’s on camera somewhere,” she continued.

Aww, poor Dove! She got so startled by her castmates, she legit fell. Luckily, she was totally fine – and this all just brought on some major laughs. And now we know the massive prank that was going on while this epic scene was being filmed. We’ll never look at the “If Only” scene the same way again, that’s for sure. And fun fact – it currently has more than 171 million views on YouTube. Wonder if anything at this level of pranking amazingness went on during the filming of Descendants 3

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