When worlds collide! Dove Cameron and Khalid collaborated on a dark love song called, “We Go Down Together,”  along with a hauntingly beautiful music video starring both singers. Released on February 10, 2023, keep reading for the track’s lyrical breakdown, its meaning and what Dove has said about the new single.

‘Dove Cameron, Khalid’s ‘We Go Down Together’: Lyric Breakdown

The song opens with Dove singing about a relationship that has its up and downs, but is nonetheless all-consuming. “Sometimes we fly, sometimes we fall. Sometimes I feel like we’re nothing at all,” Dove sings in the first verse. “Dream in the light, dance in the dark. You fill the spaces inside of my heart.”

Khalid answers Dove in the following verse, explaining that he feels the same way — adding that the singer feels his partner’s feelings in the same way he feels his own. “Am I really mine? Are you really yours? If all your emotions cut straight to my core. Times when you cry, I feel it all. Whenever you leave me, I wait for your call.”

Both Dove and Khalid sing in the chorus: “If you go down, then we go down together, If you hold on, I might just stay forever. If you gеt hurt, I’ll try to make it better.”

Dove Cameron, Khalid’s ‘We Go Down Together’ Song Meaning

The track is a slow ballad that serves as a dark love song about always being in love with a person, no matter the difficulties.

“This song is very personal and special to me,” said Dove in a statement. “Working with my friend Khalid on this record makes the experience all the more magical. I’ve been exploring different sonic palates as I write my debut album and finding new ways to give myself to my fans. This song and accompanying music video are like a little distilled love letter in a bottle. A song about a timeless love, the kind of love that makes you feel like you might be the only two people left on earth, and you wouldn’t even notice.”

2022 was a huge year for the pop star and actress, due to the massive success of her tracks “Boyfriend” and “Breakfast,” alongside her wins for Best New Artist at both the Video Music Awards and American Music Awards. We love to see it!

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