Dove Cameron has finally found herself! The singer-songwriter exclusively spoke to J-14  at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball red carpet on December 9, 2022, where she told us her thoughts on breaking out of the Disney Channel mold, feeling more herself than ever and writing music that is “entirely representative” on who she is now. We love to see it!

Dove Cameron on New Music

ICYMI, Dove released banger after banger in 2022: first with “boyfriend” in February, then “breakfast” in June and “Girl Like Me” in December. She also announced her upcoming single with Khalid in February 2023, called “We Go Down Together.”

At first, her new music was a shock to listeners as the tracks portray a darker side of Dove, with edgy beats and tongue-in-cheek lyrics — contrasting her Disney image.

“It’s funny because it kind of does boil down to when I was blonde, when I hadn’t come out yet, when I was still on children’s programming,” Dove told J-14. “I would say that my new music is entirely representative of who I am now. And there was a very clear divide between who I was … [and who I am now.]”

The Liv and Maddie alum recalled that the music she made during her Disney era “feels like a different lifetime” and that “it wasn’t organic.”

“I didn’t know what it was, but I hadn’t found myself yet,” the 26-year-old continued. “And it does feel like a black-and-white switch now. So, I do feel like the music I’m writing now is entirely who I am.”

Dove added, “So, it always kind of makes me laugh when people are like, ‘I wish you would go back to being herself.’ But I’m like, ‘This is me.'”

'I Feel More Myself Than Ever' Dove Cameron on New Music, Leaving Disney Channel and Finding Hersel
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Dove Cameron
Z100’s Jingle Ball, Arrivals, New York, USA – 09 Dec 2022

Dove Cameron on Moving On From Disney Channel

While Dove explained that her new music is poles apart from what she was doing before, the songstress went on to clarify that it wasn’t entirely because of moving on from Disney Channel.

“I also want to just clarify it wasn’t like I left Disney Channel and everything changed, ” she shared. “‘Cause I actually had been off the channel for about three years this time last year, and I feel like the narrative gets conflated a lot with fans online, as well. I don’t think people really leave Disney Channel.”

Dove also went on to clear up her “bad girl” image after departing from the network, which she originally joked about.

“I was more so making a joke just because I think that’s people’s perception of, like, tattoos and dark hair and edgy music, they’re like, ‘Oh no, we lost her,’ when, if anything, I feel more myself than ever,” she assured.

“I feel closer to my fans than ever. I feel more relaxed, more in love with my life than ever.”

Reporting by Katherine Schaffstall

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