She’s slaying Hollywood! Dove Cameron got her start on Disney Channel, starring on Liv and Maddie for four seasons from 2013 to 2017, and found major success ever since. Aside from her TV career, the actress has also appeared in various movies and kicked off a successful music career. When it comes to making money, Dove has definitely found success.

Keep reading for all the details on Dove’s net worth and how she makes money. 

What Is Dove Cameron’s Net Worth?

Dove has an estimated net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Compared to her Descendants co-stars, Dove seemingly makes the most money. That being said, she had definitely put in the work to get where she is today.

“When I was younger, I just felt incredibly pried open in an uncomfortable way, like I was being dissected on a table. And it was really, really difficult. I was really, really depressed for a very long time,” she admitted during an interview with AP Magazine in January 2023. “Because dealing with loss while you are also becoming somebody who’s on the TV in everybody’s household isn’t normal and healthy for a human brain.”

However, Dove has since come into herself and continued to find success.

How Does Dove Cameron Make Her Money?

Initially, Dove made her money through her acting career. Other than her stint on Liv & Maddie, the actress starred in the Descendants film franchise from 2015 to 2019. She’s since appeared in various movie and TV roles, not to mention a few stage stints over the years. For Dove, anything is on the table!

“I’ve had so much loss, and I’ve had such a close relationship with death, I have an attitude about most things of ‘this just doesn’t scare me.’ There are very few things in the world that could rattle me at this point,” she admitted to Women in Pop in April 2022. “That has has allowed me to create from a level of ‘I just don’t care if this is gonna go over well, or be well received’. You get one life, you’re definitely going to die and you may as well do things full out to the max until you fall over.”

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