The Disney Descendants stars might be villains on screen, but they’re Hollywood royalty in real life! Dove Cameron (Mal), Sofia Carson (Evie), Booboo Stewart (Jay) and the late Cameron Boyce (Carlos), among others, are major stars thanks to the musical film franchise, which premiered its first movie in July 2015. Following the series’ success, the stars started nabbing some major roles, which led to pretty impressive net worths.

Dove, for her part, already had a past with Disney Channel because of her Liv and Maddie roles, so it’s safe to assume that her bank account was already skyrocketing. However, the Descendants movies were Sofia’s first major roles.

“I moved to Los Angeles to go to UCLA. Education has always been a huge part of my life and for my parents. It was always the deal that they supported me unconditionally, however, I had to go to school and pursue my education. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to even go to college. I moved to L.A. myself and I was auditioning while I was in school,” the “Loud” songstress said during a February 2020 interview with Teen Vogue. “After class, I would run and audition once or twice a day. Or since I would often miss class, I would email my professor and be like, ‘I have this big audition. I’ll make up all my studies,’ et cetera. But they were always really understanding. I went on about 200 auditions before I got my first job. It was a small guest-starring role on a Disney Channel series called Austin & Ally.”

With her foot in the door at Disney, the only thing left for Sofia was to nab the role as Evie for Descendants, which she recalled “was the moment where my life changed completely.”

Sofia said, “The first day on set we were shooting the opening number ‘Rotten to the Core.’ My mom flew in and I remember having the biggest case of butterflies in my stomach, but it was magical. As much as the movie is a fairy tale, even shooting it felt like a fairy tale. To be a part of something with The Walt Disney Company where I get to play the daughter of a heritage character — to play like a real-life Disney princess, it was so surreal.”

The Feel the Beat star went on to explain how her character’s story was “so much more than just being a princess.”

Sofia told Teen Vogue: “Evie’s story was aimed toward little girls around the world to tell them that you are so much more than a pretty face, that you are not defined by any reflection in the mirror nor any glass ceiling. Evie’s story became this triumph of girl power.”

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