Eliana Su’a is Disney Channel‘s newest star! The actress, who has starred in blockbuster franchise’s like Fast & Furious, plays Frankie in Disney Channel series, Pretty Freekin’ Scary. The show premieres on June 15, 2023, is set to follow the “normal teenager” and her life after it unexpectedly ends and she is brought back to life.

The Disney star sat down with J-14 for an exclusive interview, where she spoke about her Pretty Freekin’ Scary character, if the cast got along on set, prank wars and more. Keep reading for all the details. 

Wh Is Eliana Su’a Playing in ‘Pretty Freekin’ Scary’?

ICYMI, Pretty Freekin’ Scary is actually based off of a book series written by Chris Flesh. Disney did make some changes to the story though — like Eliana’s character’s gender for instance.

“They did switch around the characters a little bit,” she told J-14 exclusively. “Like, Frankie is Franklin and [the main character] was a male.”

Eliana gave us a rundown on Frankie, her Pretty Freekin’ Scary character.

“So, Frankie, she’s 14. You know, she’s just a normal teenager who likes normal teenager things,” she began. “Before she died, she was popular. She had a popular boyfriend, like a BFF and she was captain of the volleyball team. She’s really family oriented, loves her family.”

However, after Frankie suddenly dies, Eliana explains it completely changes her character’s outlook on life.

“After she dies she’s trying to figure out where she is, where her place is, ’cause everybody sees her as a freak now, hence the name — Pretty Freakin’ Scary. So, yeah, she’s just trying to figure out her place, figure out where she stands, and also trying to solve these tasks for the Grim Reaper.”

Did the ‘Pretty Freekin’ Scary’ Cast Get Along on Set?

Along with Eliana, Pretty Freekin Scary includes other fresh faces to Disney, including Kyan Samuels as Pretty, Leah Mei Gold as Scary, Yuvi Hecht as Erlic, Tristan Michael Brown as Carson, Jackson Dollinger as Dio and Yonas Kibreab, who plays Frankie’s brother Remy.

Eliana told J-14 that the cast got super close while on set, calling them her “second family.”

“We had so much fun on set and off set, and I feel like when people watch the show, they’ll be able to see that chemistry,” she explained, before diving into a story about the “random prank wars” that went on behind-the-scenes.

“I remember I was working with a wardrobe artist and we [Eliana and Yonas] wanted to sticky note his dressing room. So, we put sticky notes all over his dressing room. That was a really good one,” she revealed.

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How Is ‘Pretty Freekin’ Scary’ Different From Other Disney Shows?

The Disney actress also revealed why Pretty Freekin’ Scary is “different from anything Disney Channel has seen.”

“Something that I’m really excited for viewers to see is that it’s a mystery,” she gushed. “So, as the series goes on, the plot thickens, and there’s all these little details and twists and turns and little things they have to pay attention to, that’ll all make sense in the end. So, that’s something I’m really excited that I feel is different from anything Disney Channel has seen.”

Will ‘Pretty Freekin’ Scary’ Have a Season 2?

Season 2 has yet to be confirmed by Disney, but Eliana has some ideas on what she’d like to see more of in a possible season 2.

“She does have [weather] powers in the show. I’d love to play around a little bit with the powers in season 2,” Eliana admitted, explaining there’s “little cliff hangers that we left open for a season two.”

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